I’m shocked, shocked that I didn’t get to this earlier in the month. But hopefully you’ll forgive me and find a recommendation here for a flick you haven’t seen yet.

1408 - Scary (and more importantly, soul-crushing) in fine ways all. Happens to crush the one set, small cast thriller, and one of my favorite John Cusack picture in years. Samuel L. Jackson is a fine foil to him, and it’s a great flick. Find the director’s cut if you can.

Copycat - A psychological thriller that didn’t pull any punches. Sigourney Weaver turns in a sterling performance as the agorophobic expert on serial killers, and Holly Hunter’s no-nonsense detective balances with her nicely. Provides surprises in a genre where you think you see every beat coming. You do not.

Get Out - This year’s suburban horror is almost unique in that it deserves every ounce of its praise. Sterling cast, superb pacing. Top notch acting, tone, and satisfying turns each step of the way.

Horror of Dracula - Hammer Horror films have a long, lurid legacy of declining necklines and descending quality over the years. ‘Horror’ is one of their earliest, and an absolute classic.


Christopher Lee deserves his place alongside Bela Lugosi and Gary Oldman as one of the greats to ever play the titular bloodsucker.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) - Truly great horror films are about something. They reflect the age they were written for. Body Snatchers is the rare remake that exceeds the film it’s based on. In this case, the 1970s’ “I’m Okay You’re Okay” mentality pervades an arena in which the paranoia-inducing shapeshifters can have an absolute field day. Fantastic performances from Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, and Leonard Nimoy.

Raw - A fantastic coming-of-age piece, that mingles burgeoning sexuality with cannibalism! All but impossible to take your eyes off it, and it delivers an ending that shocks but doesn’t ring false. Great stuff.  

The Wicker Man (1973) - Ever, only, always one of my favorites. It’s odd, jarring, confounding, suspicious, sexy, frustrating, and ultimately horrifying. I had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen earlier this year, and it did not disappoint.