It is now what some people insist on referring to as “Halloween Season” and thoughts are turning to Candy, Costumes, and Horror. In a previous bracket we decided which Halloween Candy reigned supreme, so this time we’re going to focus on the Horror. Horror movie villains to be precise. Which one will come out on top?

Turns out, the genre “Horror” is far more encompassing and debated than I expected. Horror, Suspense, Monster, Thriller... it all tends to get mashed up together. So, you’re gonna see some inclusions you might disagree with. Well, me too. But it’s an imperfect world so we’ll just have to manage. The bracket itself is split between “Slashers” and “The rest?”. But again, what is considered a “Slasher” is subject to much debate. So it is what it is. Good enough. =D

Click the image to embiggen. Horror icons created by hopstarter

So here’s how this bracket works. It is split roughly between Slasher villains and Non-Slasher villains. As mentioned, there is some leeway in what is considered a Slasher movie, but it’s close enough for jazz as my old band director was fond of saying.


Some other important details: Most of the entries are identified by a specific movie or set of movies. But some, like zombies, are more genre encompassing and less defined by individual movies, whereas the rest are more iconic to their particular film or series of films. So feel free to judge entries by their entire bodies of movie work. Original films, sequels, and re-makes/boots. It’s your call.

Seeding the entries was actually a fairly easy process. I’m sure there will be discussion about it, but there always is. I tried to keep it balanced between new and older/lighter and darker movies. It should be a fun contest.

This first round of voting will be focused on the Slasher side.

Region One

Region Two

And that’s it for this part of the first round of voting. You have until noon tomorrow to get your votes in. The second half of this round of voting will take place on Monday. Hope you like this bracket and happy voting.