oOOoooOOooOoOOooo... it’s time to continue our question to decide the greatest horror movie villain of all time. We addressed the slashers last time, and this time around we’re focusing on the rest of the villains. Monsters, killers, ghosts, and more! Which one will come out on top?

On Friday we had our first go-around with the slashers of horror movies. And there were were a couple surprises, including two ties. A complicated tie-break system involving a d20, a sock monkey, and a sacrifice to an Elder God had to used to resolve this, but that’s the price one must pay for results.


For the most part the higher seeds won, but there were a few upsets. The Creeper defeated The Fisherman. I do not relish finding out what that’s gonna do to its appearance now. The Leprechaun fell to The Invisible Man, which I don’t think anyone saw coming. And The Phantom, of the operatic fame, managed to upset The Candyman. Either people really loved the Lon Chaney performance, and who wouldn’t, or they were willing to overlook Gerard Butler’s inability to sing.

But enough about the slashers. This round is about everyone else in the horrorverse. We’ve got creatures from lagoons, entire hoards of shambling horrors, haunted tapes, and it’s definitely not safe to go back out in the water. But as is always the case, not every contender will make it to the next round. And it’s time to decide which villains will fall.

Region 3

Region 4

And that’s it for the rest of Round One. You’ve got until noon to get your votes in. And barring an end-of-the-world invasion of demonic zombie sock monkeys the next round will be on Wednesday. Happy voting.