We’ve reached the second round of the Horror Movie Villain Madness, and only 32 villainous villains remain to spread their villainy in the bracket. Which contenders will survive, and which ones will fall, like so many of their past victims?

Well, that was quite a surprising first round. Some extremely close fights, including three ties! Using the scientific method of flipping a coin, Zombies, The Tall Man, and Russ Thorn all managed to squeeze past and survive the round. Other notable victories include classic villains like Wolf Man, The Monster, and Bruce, the shark from Jaws.

I’m going to hope that Bette Midler forgives you voters for choosing Gremlins over her witchy ways.

This time around you only have 16 votes to do. Some really tough choices in this round. Should be interesting to see how everyone votes.

Region One

Region Two

Region Three

Region Four

As usual, you have until noon tomorrow to get your votes in. We’ll have the next round of voting on Friday. Thanks for participating.