We have reached the mid-way point of our villain madness. Just 16 contenders remain in the contest. Which ones will survive the onslaught, and which ones will join their fallen foes? Let’s vote and find out.

This last round proved to be quite interesting in one of the regions, Thankfully, there were no ties to be decided on so no sacrifices to Elder Gods were necessary. For now. But it was quite a bloodbath in Region 2. Freddy Krueger, one of the absolute giants of the genre, fell to Hannibal Lecter. So Freddy joins Leatherface in oblivion. And the Phantom of the Opera continues its unexpected success as it defeats Russ Thorn, terrorizer of slumber parties.

And this is the round where choices become very difficult. Especially in the Slashers section. Michael Myers against 90's Ghostface. Jason facing off against the Cenobite, Pinhead. And over in the other section, we have Count Orlok and Dracula in the greatest undead match-up of all time. Truly tough choices. Who will you pick?

Ya got till noon tomorrow to vote. Next round will be on Monday.