Say what you will about Secret Empire, but the exploration of its aftermath in Marvel Legacy has been excellent. Case in point: Iceman and the former members of the Champions of Los Angeles grieving after the death of Black Widow.

If you don’t know who the Champions of Los Angeles were, don’t worry: they are obscure even by Marvel standards.

Yes, that’s right: the Champions of Los Angeles were a team of, well, Los Angeles-based superheroes comprising of Iceman, Angel, Hercules, Ghost Rider, and Black Widow, with a later addition of another Russian superhero, Darkstar. Yes, the lineup made absolutely no sense. (Tony Isabella, the writer, stated that he wanted it to just be Iceman and Angel, but the editor insisted he had to have five members on the team.) Still: it happened and even after the Champions broke up, they still stayed friends.


Which is why, in Iceman #6, written by Sina Grace with art by Robert Gill, the remaining members gathered together in Los Angeles again to mourn the death of Black Widow.

Sina Grace, the writer of the book, knows how to sprinkle in moments of deep characterization, while also maintaining a good level of humor.

The book then veers off into Bobby meeting a guy named Judah and being asked on an actual date. Being the insecure person he is, though, Bobby first asks all of his former teammates to be there for his date...via text.

One: I love that Johnny Blaze still hangs out with Robbie Reyes (they met each other and teamed up back in All-New Ghost Rider). Two: Hercules exclaiming how his loincloth “vibrates with vigor” is my new favorite thing ever.


In fact, Hercules is pretty much the best character and he manages to take a pretty good approach to grieving, especially for someone who is immortal. In Avengers #11, written by Mark Waid, with art by Michael del Mundo, the Vision (who recently learned that he will still be alive in the far future) asks Hercules how he deals with being immortal.

Now I kind of want Mark Waid to write an entire series about Hercules giving people advice.