I *love* this by yahsuntafun. Makes me want to get a Lana costume, find a Pam, and raise some hell.

The article I lifted this from called her as menacing as the real Bane. As sexy perhaps, but we clearly still have an issue combining the two with girl parts in the mix. WHY?

Potentially heretically, not a particular fan of the movie, but I still do love Bowie's every move. This dude is stellar.

—this is a better combo of menacing and sexy (not that the original was—was it?) but props to her for skeery.

— good Jubilee.

— perhaps too good Jubilee—the FX are taking away from the human element. Sorry—is that anti-mutie? My bad.

— because most of the FX are behind her, I think I like this better

— and I just had a craving for the Endless. Apparently Gaiman blesses these guys.

Post moar cosplayers!