Spoilers ahoy for Captain America: Civil War!

One of the major flaws of Captain America: Civil War was the waste of a good villain. Yes, I’m talking about the beautiful brute Brock Rumlow played by Frank Grillo.

But was Crossbones always supposed to go out with a bang? I present the following merchandise evidence to the contrary.

This is a lovely children’s book about a mercenary biological terrorist called “The Rise of Crossbones.” Perfect for your favorite kiddo or fangirl.

This is the final page of the book. BOOM! SMACK! Defeated! But not blown up.

We all know how Hot Toys makes their premium figures with exquisite attention to canon detail. So what’s that next to Cap’s ankle? Would it be a shattered mask?

Remember the paparazzi photos that leaked the Crossbones costume? Look at the very, very specific makeup around Frank Grillo’s left eye on this autographed photo. You only need to put makeup on the parts that the camera is supposed to see!

And finally, why would Funko Pop produce the top “Battle Damaged Crossbones” variant? It doesn’t show up in the movie, not in this cut.


Yes, his suicide bomb was a way to demonstrate the destructive power of revenge, but what if the above story had happened? It would have been a perfect way to show how the government thought the Avengers were no better than a HYDRA terrorist! Instead of Tony’s exposition, we could have had Brock Rumlow’s sneering, self-satisfied face in the Raft tossing insults at Sam Wilson.

They had some serious unfinished business. Sadly, in my opinion, so do the viewers of Captain America: Civil War.

Thank you to ritsuko-chan for the photos of the children’s book.