This week's Face Off challenge is simple - create a giant city-destroying monster. Who will stomp into the finale on the backs of their creations and who will be stopped short? Results and a new feature for the next season ahead.

Dina's Mantis takes top honors. I would never have guessed early in the season that Dina would be in the finale. Cake decorating must be good preparation.

Cig's Yeti Crab earns him the second spot in the finale. He's done solid work most of the time so no surprise there.

Drew's Giant Sloth earns him the third spot in the finale. He was also the Fan Favorite choice in the Tweet Off so he pockets $10,000.

George's Deadly Squid could have been a winning look earlier in the season but it's not good enough to get him into the finale.

I can't even guess who will win this season. Dina, Cig and Drew are all capable of outstanding work so any of them could win. But feel free to make your predictions in the comments.

Face Off is introducing mentors next season. I'll wait to see how this works out but I'm already Team Laura. According to the announcement (warning - video autoplays):

The upcoming eighth season (it's coming January 13 at 9/8c) will once again feature an entire new crop of artists showcasing their knack for special effects make-up, but this time they'll be joined by three returning Face Off champions: Laura Tyler (Season 5), Anthony Kosar (Season 4) and Rayce Bird (Season 2).

The returning champions will pick a few of the new crop of artists to mentor. While Laura, Anthony and Rayce won't be competing in the season's challenges themselves, they'll be a source of guidance and wisdom as they help the new artists of Season 8 conjure their many make-ups to the best of their abilities.

Even though the champion trio aren't official competitors, they do have a bit of a stake in the game: Whatever artist emerges as the winner of Face Off Season 8, their corresponding mentor will also take home top honors as well.

All images from the Syfy Face Off site and the full galleries are here and here.