How do you make designing fairies interesting? Face Off says make them disaster themed. Which of the final five contestants was helped by their fairy godmother and which one ended up with a beautiful disaster? Results ahead.

Cig and George aren't strong on the fairy concept and beauty makeup since both are more horror oriented. A little advice from Michael Westmore helps. As part of this week's father-daughter quality time McKenzie Westmore gets her father to pose for selfies with each of the remaining contestants. She really does have a great job. You can see the rest of the selfies here.

Dina's Flood fairy is a top look. Bonus points for chocolate flavored mud.

Drew had problems with his Oil Spill fairy which made him one of the bottom looks.

George took Michael Westmore's advice to heart for his Earthquake fairy and made a top look.

Cig worked successfully out of his comfort zone and won the challenge with his Avalanche fairy.

But Stella had a bad week with her Wildfire fairy and at this point in the contest there's very little room for error. She ended up going home. A few weeks ago I expected either Rachael or Stella to make the finals so I'm surprised both of them are gone now.

Next week is the penultimate episode that will determine the three finalists for the finale. Who do you think will make the cut?


All images from the Syfy Face Off site and the full galleries are here and here.