Black Claw continues its infiltration of Portland, and tries to get some power players on its side, while HW investigates Diana’s “liberation” and Wu deals with a slight case of lycanthropy. Spoilers after the break.

The case of the week this time is about Wu and what’s been going on with him ever since that Lycanthrope scratched him. Last episode, he “woged” and chased a dog, but tripped and hit his head, so he’s in a hospital being checked out and Hank and Nick pay him a visit to see how he’s doing.

And as they leave, concerned something might be going on with him, a shady looking character goes to look in on him and then makes a call to report that “he’s here”.

Later, when his nurse is checking on him, Wu dreams of how he ended up in the hospital and then “woges” in front of his nurse.

She runs out screaming and comes back with some other staff and doctors and they find Wu...exiting the bathroom and wondering why everyone’s there. He’s later released, and goes home, where he’s making a sandwich, while watching a Renard for Mayor commercial. He also notices that guy from the hospital sitting in a truck outside his apartment building.

While making his sandwich and watching Renard’s commercial, he accidentally cuts his hand causing it to wolf out.

He calls the spice shop and tells Rosalee about how he’s been having weird dreams and she says her and Monroe will stay there until he shows up. On his way to his car, he walks past his suspected stalker, and confronts him when he turns out to indeed be stalking him. He also turns out to be a wesen and woges, attacking Wu.

It turns out Wu wasn’t hurt, because Nick and Hank are called to a crime scene and it’s the guy stalking Wu.

Nick gets a call from Rosalee asking about Wu, and he and Hank decide to check on him, finding a bloodied hand print on the door. They go in, guns drawn, and find him lying on his bed, bloodied, but it’s not his.

Wu tells them what he can remember, that he was attacked by a man he’s arrested a few times, and that he woged. Nick assures him it sounds like self defense so they have him clean himself up and identify the dead guy, and it’s him. He takes them to his truck, with lot of fast food wrappers indicating, and Wu’s address, indicating he was specifically targeting him. Nick decides to check with Trubel if he’s with Black Claw, which she later confirms and is happy to update the HW database that he’s dead now. Nick and Hank take Wu to the spice shop, where Rosalee gives him something to drink that will help him remember anything he’s blacked out from.

It also makes him talk in his sleep so he describes what happened to the guy that ended up with his throat ripped out as he remembers it.

And then he “woges” in front of everyone. Hank asks if Wu’s wesen, and Monroe says he’s not, but something else. Monroe also records the transformation to show Wu when he wakes up.

They figure out it was from that lycanthrope attack when Wu confirms he was scratched. They don’t know what they can do for him, but Rosalee figures it must be a “fight or flight” response, so he has to stay calm. They offer to have him stay with her and Monroe, but he says he’ll handle it, and as long as he’s not going crazy, he’ll be fine. So case closed, for now anyway.


Back on the HW vs Black Claw front...Meisner shows up at the house Diana was being kept at, to find her guardians dead, and we get a look at her table, room, closet, and some drawings. And of course, they left their mark so everyone knows it was them.

One of those isn’t like the others...
A little light reading, or making checking if she’s in there?

Meisner is then greeted by a Black Claw agent, and a fight ensues, he eventually gets the upper hand and is about to bash Meisner with a club when he loses his upper hand, thanks to Trubel who shows up just in time.

She mentions taking out 2 others, and when Meisner says they’ll need to fingerprint them for ID, she grabs the hand and says she’ll get the others on the way out.

Oh, and also, during the fight Meisner’s shirt came off. Like they do. When you’re on Grimm.

Diana herself is still having her reunion with her mom and dad, but Adalind tells her she can’t go with them just yet, and Sean tells Diana her mom still has a few things to take care of first. Diana has apparently gotten used to always getting her way and goes purple eyes and makes pieces of wall fly around until her parents get her to calm down, and she leaves with her dad.

Then Renard is introduced to what is likely one of the higher ups with Black Claw, a man and probably wesen, named Conrad Bonaparte. He tells Renard they want Adalind on their side but would also like Nick with them too. After all, a Grimm is part of their world, and could be a powerful ally.

After she gets back home, Adalind starts getting mentally projected thoughts and images from Diana.

This gets Adalind to finally open up to Nick that her powers are back, but she still doesn’t tell him everything about what’s going on. She later gets a visit from Mr. Bonaparte at her office, and he makes it clear she doesn’t have much time left to decide if she’s with them or not.

The next time she’s back home, Adalind gets another image of Diana appearing to her, but this time, Eve accidentally gets the message too, as seen in this clip and the stills below.

When Eve accidentally gets the message meant for Adalind, she gives her a skull souvenir, and a headache to remember her by.

Eve shows this to Meisner and Trubel, who then calls in Nick and asks that he bring Hank.

They explain to Nick that Diana is in Portland and that Black Claw is probably going to use her to try and get Adalind on their team, and they need to move on their intel while it’s fresh. Nick tells them to go ahead, and Eve warns Nick that Adalind might not be fully in control.

Nick and Hank then leave to deal with the dead body near Wu’s apartment, that he killed.

Speaking of Hank, things are going well with him and Zuri.

But when she calls him while he’s helping Wu to see if he’ll be over later, we find out that she’s working with Black Claw, because of course.

And after helping Wu, Nick goes home to find it emptied out, with both Adalind and Kelly gone, with nothing left but an empty bassinet, a doll, and a note on the table.

As Nick finishes reading the note, he finds it was written with magic ink and most of the words disappear, leaving a second message for him.

None of which changes the fact that his son has been taken and the woman he loves (whether we like that or not) took him with her.


Black Claw seems to be taking a page out of season one Sean Renard’s book on getting Hank on the hook.


Technically and legally, what Adalind did is child abduction, so Nick could put out an amber alert on her, but since this is Grimm, he probably won’t. I’d be pleasantly surprised if he did though.

Looks like Wu’s going to just learn to control the beast within, which is great, because he can unleash it if Black Claw sends someone after him again.

Always fun to see Trubel’s casual attitude about being a Grimm working with HW and killing wesen.

Nice to see Diana draws rocket ships like any kid that ages normally.

What did you all think?

(Character names from Grimm Wiki)