Due to the magic of 'overtime work that we won't pay you for but you get lieu time instead' I'm still employed until next Friday.

Where I get a full two weeks' pay. Wooooooo!

Since I got home too late last night from my Jeff Lemire/Ray Fawkes Extravaganza, I wasn't able to bake cookies for work :( But it's my last day! Which leaves the following things for me to do in the remaining days of August before school starts:

  • Go to St. Jacob's (hourish drive away) with RBC to order a new bed (we shall live in unbridled luxury with our Mennonite-made king bed. LUXURY.)
  • Shop for a wedding dress and decide on bridesmaid dresses.
  • Book the decorator.
  • Okay, everything I possibly can get done for the wedding now before I lose all my free time due to school.
  • My niece's birthday party. She's gonna be FOUR. FOUR! She's so cute but she needs to get older so I can teach her bad things and be the even cooler aunt.
  • Do my final road test so I can become a fully licensed driver. Why won't Ontario just give me my damn G licence? I drive everywhere already. Bah. I'll be fine as long as they don't ask me to back into a parking spot...
  • Move ALL OF MY CRAP into RBC's apartment and fill all available spaces like water entering a jar full of knick knacks. I have so much stuff, you guys. And I love it all.
  • Take three days with RBC and go play with roller coasters at Darien Lake. In exotic ~*~BuFfAlO~*~, where we will stock up on our legal allowance of cheap American alcohol.
  • Attend school orientation so I can get my damn student card and yell at them for being horrible communicators of information.
  • Take another day with my family so we can go to the beach.
  • Learn how to do my hair for my Fan Expo cosplay.
  • And take four days for Fan Expo where I will have a glorious time but also freak out because it's during the Labour Day weekend which means school IS ALMOST HERE AHHHHHHHH.
  • Giggle in the fact that my chem lab has SEVEN STUDENTS. My biggest class has like, 35 students. It is only a matter of time before I take over. *tents fingers*
  • Find a part-time job for the school year. Bah. Luckily there is a mall across from our apartment with many choices, but I don't know if I want to work at Target. Maybe I can get a job at the LCBO. They make bank.

I have 18 days for all of these things. I can do it. I BELIEVE IN MY SELF.

I am 100% completely going to procrastinate horribly, so if you see me commenting PLEASE tell me to get off the internet and go back to packing or moving or cleaning or organizing or...