The final season of Grimm starts off right where the season 5 finale left off and just goes bigger from there. Spoilers after the break.

Nick is about to thank Renard, until he points the sword at him and asks him why he isn’t dead like reported. Nick admits he was, but knows better than to tell Renard about the magic healing stick. And Renard admits he doesn’t know why he killed Bonaparte, and then leaves.


The rest of the group are still down in the tunnels. Rosalee had just told Monroe she was pregnant but doesn’t want to tell everyone else just yet. Eve is still experiencing side effects from being healed by the stick, but her and Trubel are going to do what they can to get help from HW. And then Nick rejoins them.

After returning to Adalind, and figuring out it was Diana who made him kill Bonaparte, Renard decides someone has to be blamed and since he’s not interesting in fighting Black Claw, he’s going to tell them it was Nick.


Diana admits to Adalind that she didn’t want Bonaparte to hurt her again, so good job there, he won’t.

Renard returns to the precinct where he’s apparently still the captain, even though he’s also now the mayor, but I guess he hadn’t appointed a replacement yet. Renard’s plan is to pin all the dead wesen cops on Nick too.

Later at the precinct, Renard gets a call from Black Claw and has to tell them Bonaparte is dead. He blames Nick, as planned, but they make it clear he’s on his own for gaining control of Portland. He thens starts seeing the blood in his hands fro when he ran Bonaparte through with the sword. And later, he thinks he sees Franco looking a bit zombified, telling him he chose the wrong side.

While Renard’s busy at the precinct making his life hell (and going through his own), Nick gets a call from Adalind and goes to see her and Kelly.

The reunion is short lived, as Nick gets a call from Hank warning him about the APB, so he goes into hiding. But first he notices the engagement ring that Bonaparte had put on Adalind and assures her he’ll help find a way to break the spell that put it on, in case it’s still active despite Bonaparte’s being dead.


While he was visiting Adalind, Trubel and Eve had accompanied Monroe and Rosalee to the spice shop to clear out the dead bodies. Then this happens.

It seems the magic stick may have “cleaned” Eve’s soul, which seems to be preventing her from using her hexenbiest powers.


After warning Nick about the manhunt for him, Wu and Hank warn Monroe and Rosalee about the search warrants on their home and the spice shop, and Trubel and Eve that Nick’s no longer secret home is also going to get searched.

Monroe and Rosalee might have grounds for a lawsuit after the police barge in and points guns at them.

At least the spice shop doesn’t get all smashed up, besides the door.

Before the cops show up, Eve asks Trubel about the stick that was used to heal her, and Trubel remembers she still has the cloth it was wrapped in, and shows it to her. While they’re hiding in the tunnels as the police search the apartment, Eve notices some symbols on the cloth that Trubel doesn’t see.

Nick’s car is found, and Renard orders a search of the area, which gives Nick time to hide at Bud’s refrigerator repair shop, and everyone regroups there.

They all agree Nick needs to leave Portland, at least for the time being. Eve also tells Nick the symbols she saw on the cloth are the same was the ones she saw during the death grip experience, and that maybe he shouldn’t always carry it on him. Hank and Wu go back to the precinct while the rest of the gang tries to figure out how to sneak Nick out.


Renard figures out Nick’s car was supposed to be found and orders other searches. He also has a moment with Wu and Hank, who make it clear they’re not afraid of him.

And then like in any other episode they get called on a case. And it could be a very convenient one, Rachel’s body was found after she didn’t check in to work, and now it’s a homicide.

Hank has the place checked for prints, and guess what the results are? The CSI delivers them personally because Renard’s prints are all over the place. Could come in handy for pulling him off the manhunt for Nick. Or they can be cellmates.

Back at Bud’s, the plan is to have him drive off with a large refrigerator which the police will assume Nick is hiding inside. But they’re too late, Renard shows up with Franco and a small army of Portland PD.

And the episode ends with Renard ordering them to go in. It’s going to be a rough season for probably everyone.


My first thought was just a general “holy crap, there’s a lot going on!”

I’m interested to see what will happen with Adalind, and Diana, who still wants her parents back together so that means she may see Nick as an adversary. Still not sure how she feels about Kelly, but if she cares about her brother, she might go easy on his dad.

Renard being the primary suspect in Rachel’s murder will probably force him to drop the hunt for Nick, at least temporarily.


I kind of want Renard to attack Wu and learn the hard way that he’s not exactly human anymore.

What did you all think?

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