Which scifi/fantasy property would you, in a perfect world, take your fashion cues from? Have you ever looked at the screen (or traced the words in a paragraph) and thought "I'd rock that?" Or, more likely, thought "I wish I could rock that?" Or just plainly think that those people look the best?

Me, I'm all over the place, but so is my real life closet.

I have every honest plan of buying Neo's coat from the unspeakable Matrix movie (no, not that one, the other one), and to hell with anyone casting aspersions on what's appropriate casual wear.

Hunger Games has a huge part of their marketing hinging on Capitol fashion (yeah, I follow the tumblr, you wanna make a case out of it???).

Supernatural has very comfortable and re-assuring clothes to wear, and who doesn't need a trench coat every now and again? Who hasn't gotten really attached to a fictional wardrobe?

Wouldn't it be cool to incorporate some Lannister lushness into your formal wear?

Or do you prefer something more ethereal and elven?

Or maybe stick closer to our world?

And no, I don't mean cosplay—I mean out among the non-believers wear.

Oh! And if you already own "influenced" clothing, please share. I have a leather coat that looks like a little bit like Morpheus, and it's the only reason I beg Los Angeles to be cold. I did think of Sam Winchester when I bought my first Western shirts, I'm not going to lie...and one of the many things that was easy to love about Spike was that I already had his entire wardrobe before School Hard aired.

But I think most of all, I wish I could rock the Tank Girl look. Damn, she's all that.

Ah, well. General post-apocalyptic will do in a pinch.