A package of small goodies made their way to me today. Huzzah, at long last, for the new Doctor Who figures! Time for photodumps and crossover silliness beyond the cut.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the new scale. The Cybermen and the Ice Warriors particularly look lovely and are great little figures... but the human's have suffered. Clara is actually half decent, and manages to pull off a pretty good approximation of Jenna Louise Coleman, but by far and away the biggest disappointment is The Doctor. It's a shame, because the actual sculpt is good, but the paint is what does it in. A good figure likeness is made or lost in the eyes, and here it's definitely lost. Less like Matt Smith, and more like a slightly dopey cosplayer. Now that Eleven's time is running out (casual aside: I was away from a computer all weekend and only found out late last night. Proceeded to cry like a small baby whilst listening to this), I hope the new 3.75" range can get a great Eleventh Doctor before we say good bye.

I suppose I can't really complain for the price (£6.99, compared to the £12 the 5" Who figures were going for at the end, and the £10 good 3.75" figures seem to go for now, like Star Wars and Marvel Universe), but hoo boy. Maybe his greatest secret was in fact the Doctor Derp face.

All hail the Ice Warriors!

Nightmare in Silver might have been a let down, but man, I love the new Cyberdesign. They make for excellent toys, too.

The best thing about the change to 3.75" (25% smaller than the old 5" figures, much to the chagrin of the Ice Warriors above!) though is that now The Doctor, Clara and their chums are in scale with so many other action figure universes... which means I get to act like a 6 year old and play with my toys a bit. Such as introducing a new companion into a deadly standoff with the Cybermen:

Or have them get smashed by Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

"Yes, Clara?"
"Who are they?"
"Well, one's a genetically enhanced super soldier from America circa 1940, one the Norse mythological God of Thunder, and that guy in red is-"
"Doctor, I know who they are, but aren't they... you know. Comic book characters?"
"Clara. We travel through all of time and space in a wooden blue box that's bigger on the inside. You think this is the strangest thing we've seen?"

Master Koon and the Coruscant Guard are taken aback by the sudden appearance of a Blue Box...

... but they all got along soon enough.