Well, despite a blunder late last night, the BBC have finally released the first trailer for the 50th Anniversary special. Even with a PR-ship leakier than the post-iceberg-Titanic, we actually know very little about The Day of The Doctor... so, what can we find out here?

The very first shot of the trailer is of the TARDIS - or a TARDIS, rather - on a sandy plain, looking rather worse for wear than usual. But who's TARDIS is it? The box itself is actually the 2005-2010 exterior used by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, just badly beat up. However, the footprints in the sand look a bit more like boot prints, leading us to...

... John Hurt's Doctor, who looks a little lost and lonely. So that TARDIS must be his!

But let's rewind a little first. Immediately after the battered TARDIS we cut to this:

Hoo boy. That's a lot of Dalek saucers - looking considerably beefed up since we last saw them in force, with extra armour and plenty of gun emplacements. But where are they attacking? Is it Gallifrey? Are we finally seeing the Last Great Time War played out on screen?

... it certainly looks like it, with the Citadel of the Time Lords (last seen in the opening sequence of The Name of The Doctor) in ruins - with its glass dome completely shattered and the surrounding city destroyed too. It's looking a lot worse for the Time Lords than it did when we last saw the Time War during 2009's The End of Time.

Next up is a super quick shot of Daleks assaulting another city - is it another place on Gallifrey? - at night. The time of day seems to imply it's not the attack on the Citadel we saw earlier, so what could it be? There's been hints at the special depicting the Fall of Arcadia, mentioned in passing by the Tenth Doctor during Doomsday. And in IDW's comic series, it was his Eighth incarnation who witnessed it...


Also interesting in this shot is the Dalek ship flying by on the left. It kind of looks like the Dalek Emperor from 2005's Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, but on a smaller scale and manned by an individual Dalek. Neato!

A poor guard gets blasted by the Dalek's aerial assault. It's hard to see his armour, but the design of the helmet seems very evocative of Gallifrey's Chancellery Guard, as seen in The Deadly Assassin (1976), The Invasion of Time (1978) and Arc of Infinity (1983), combined with a beefier set of armour as would befit the harsh landscapes of the Time War.

We get a slightly better look at the soldier a second later. We can make out his uniform's red colour scheme a bit better here, which certainly lends a bit more credence to this being an updated member of the Chancellery Guard. Maybe the battle isn't the Fall of Arcadia, but the fall of Gallifrey itself then? Either way, it doesn't end well for our soldier or the fleeing citizens behind him.

Meanwhile, The Eleventh Doctor has been recalling the hidden incarnation revealed to both Clara and the unwitting audience (unless they got their blu-ray copy early, that is) at the end of The Name of The Doctor earlier this year. The Hurt Doctor declares that he's... well, looking for himself.

To which the Tenth Doctor replies "Well... you've certainly come to the right place". Neither Ten or Eleven look particularly pleased to see their long forgotten incarnation, do they?

In what looks like the same forest that Eleven, Ten and Hurt Doctor meet up in, Joanna Page's Queen Elizabeth I is on the run from something chasing her. The press details for the episode reveal that this setting is the year 1562, quite early on in Liz's rule - only four years into her 45 year reign, considered a golden era of English history. But what's she running from?

A Zygon! Having made their début in the seminal 1975 story Terror of the Zygons, these shapeshifting baddies have long been a fan favourite, despite only appearing in a single story. And now they're back, looking better than ever - and maybe on the hunt for Good Queen Bess!

Meanwhile, in 2013, UNIT comes under attack! In the hectic seconds of footage we can just about make out the fabulous Jemma Redgrave as the Brigadier's daughter Kate Stewart, first introduced in last year's The Power of Three, and comedian Ingrid Oliver's UNIT scientist Osgood (perhaps related to UNIT Technician Osgood, from 1971's The Dæmons?) - who, for some unknown reason, is wearing a rather familiar scarf.

The Three Doctors are up to something. Something rather explosive. The building kind of looks like the one the Hurt Doctor was approaching earlier in the trailer, which could be rather important...

It's Rose! And, not just any Rose, it seems...

The golden glow in her eyes seems to indicate this isn't a Rose Tyler travelling alongside the Tenth Doctor, but the 'Bad Wolf', the überRose who looked into the heart of the TARDIS to save the Ninth Doctor at the climax of The Parting of the Ways. We knew that Bad Wolf Rose had some sort of time-travelling capabilities, as she managed to spread the Bad Wolf message throughout time as a hint to her human self and The Doctor, but here she seems to have literally transported herself back to what looks like the building on the Hurt Doctor's sandy planet. She was awfully busy during that short trip from the Powell Estate to Satellite 5, wasn't she? Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey and all that.

The Tenth Doctor, and what looks like Queen Elizabeth, come galloping out of the TARDIS on horseback! For a man allergic to horses, David Tennant's Doctor certainly seems to enjoy a bit of horsing around...

The Eleventh Doctor is falling above London! This looks like it's related to the TARDIS's arrival at Trafalgar Square, heavily photographed during location filming. UNIT and Kate meet him on the ground - have they somehow hijacked the TARDIS?

Clara's distressed!

And the Hurt Doctor seems to have found what he was looking for on that planet - note the Gallifrey symbols on the jewel's pedestal...

And the interior of the jewel itself, which looks incredibly similar to the Time Vortex, as depicted in the opening credits for Series 7B. Bad Wolf Rose tells the Hurt Doctor that 'The Moment' is coming, and he replies that he's ready for it - but is this jewel, this Gallifreyan device, The Moment? The object he uses to destroy both Dalek and Time Lord alike?

We knew the Hurt Doctor has his own TARDIS, so why not have his own Console Room too! It looks very much like the 'Coral' interior adopted by the Ninth and Tenth Doctor, but with a new floor and different lighting within the Time Rotor. Perhaps this console room began to slowly deteriorate and wear down over the course of the Time War, leading to the one we see in the possession of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors?

Here's the Tenth Doctor in his own TARDIS, for comparison...

... and finally, The Eleventh Doctor in his own, Geronimo-ing us into the end of the Trailer. Phew! What a ride!


And if that wasn't exciting enough, there's even more fun to look forward to tomorrow night (if it doesn't leak... again) according to the BBC, with a second trailer coming. Typical - you wait months for the damn thing and two come along at once! It's like waiting for buses...

Apparently this second trailer will be the one shown at previous events such as Comic Con and the Edinburgh Television Festival, with complete CGI effects that were previously unfinished. Charlie Jane's got a good run down of the Comic Con trailer she saw, so if you want to know what to expect, take a gander!

UPDATE: Trailer #2 is now available to view online!

The Day of The Doctor airs on November 23rd, at 7.50pm GMT on BBC One. For international viewers watching the simulcast, BBC America's Doctor Who Tumblr has got a handy guide to find out the right time for your region.