Just got home from work to find my new GTX780 sitting on the kitchen table. 20mins later, its installed and i'm running every damn game I have installed and whacking those settings up to ultra! Holy cow, this thing is silent and deadly...

I had (still have, I suppose) a GTX580 which wasn't exactly slow but it was starting to show its age a little on some of the more demanding games. Yeah, i'm one of those who feel actual shame when they have to compromise on the quality settings to make shit run respectably...


Started playing Borderlands 2 with the PhysX settings on max; man its pretty awesome although tbh honest, i'm not liking the liquid effects at all. The cloth and wreckage physics are magnificent but the water particles are waaaay too large.

Its really distracting to have this massive globs of water, blood or acid sloshing everywhere. I must investigate further and see if there's any way to selectively choose what gets PhysX-ed... but I need the exploding stuff in my life.


Gonna try Batman next... this new toy should tide me over until the PS4 is released (i've decided not to cancel my pre-order after all...) :p