Last night on iZombie, Liv and friends visit a Burger King for their signature item, only to find the cashiers are all zombies. Or maybe I’m lying. Here’s an appropriately misleading promo for the episode. Spoilers after the break.

The title of the episode actually refers to the size of a lie, and the reason for that will become clear pretty quick.


But first, Major and Ravi are out digging for bodies with utopium in them, and it looks like they’ve found one. Except it turns out to be someone else that was buried there because this seems to be a popular spot for that.

Ravi and Major call in the police, explaining they found it while on a “treasure hunt”. Clive seems to buy the story if not the appeal of such a hunt (gifs courtesy of grantgustic on tumblr)

As long as he’s there, Clive asks Major about his run-ins with Blaine and his big bodyguard but Major reminds Clive that he suggested he seek professional help and now he’s been cured.


The police get a phone number off a card found on the body and a woman comes to identify him as an undercover FBI agent, who frequents a particular bar. Clive says he’ll check that out with Bozzio (gifs from littlehobbit13 on tumblr)

Thinking an FBI agent brain is way better than a social media obsesses selfie taker, Liv happily eats a delicious looking bacon-cheese-brain burger. Seriously, they make those brains look soooo good.

Or maybe this is The Whopper of the title, they make it your way after all

Then Clive says that agent Bozzio has never heard of him, and the bartender they talk to inform him the guy is nicknamed “Big Fish”, not because his last name is Carp but because he’s a pathological liar. Instead he turns out to work for Mr. Boss.

Blaine attends the video will of his “late” (but secretly just frozen) father, along with his former housekeeper who was apparently abusive to Blaine. It turns out there’s a stipulation that if he died under suspicious circumstances everything goes to the housekeeper and Blaine gets nothing. He’s not too happy with that, but his boys have a present for him. The Chaos Killer has been caught, and surprise, it’s Major.

Blaine threatens to turn him, but being a fellow ex-zombie, Major knows it’s a bluff.

Eventually Blaine lets him talk and explain that he’s just been freezing them and his dad isn’t any more dead than after he became a zombie. So Blaine agrees to let him go retrieve him, and also tells him he can continue working down his list of zombies but now he’ll tell him which ones to focus on. Starting with the reporter who’s now giving him problems. He also tells him about his new arrangement with Liv but exaggerates it a bit. (Gifs from rocktheholygrail on tumblr)

Major then heads over to Liv, just after she’s done warning her new boyfriend to be careful working for Blaine, since he’s trying to take on Mr. Boss.

Liv assures Major that she’s not in fact BFFs with Blaine but that he serves a purpose in feeding Seattle’s zombie population, and is a necessary evil, for now.


Her boyfriend then leaves because Mr. Boss has called him in to kill a witness that Liv and Clive had just spoken too.

Major then helps Blaine with his reporter problem while also crossing another name off his list. (Gifs from littlehobbit13 on tumblr)

Major also dropped off Blaine’s dad who was retrieved from his freezer, and Blaine decides to have a little fun with dear old dad, before telling him to record a new will or his boys will have some fun with him. His makeup lady does more than just make him look like a zombie. (gifs from rocktheholygrail on tumblr).

Either his dad has never seen Planet of the Apes, or he’s just disoriented from being thawed out.

Liv visits the mom of her liar, and finally has a vision that reveals where the bodies are buried, which she gets because he’s the one who killed them. She also sees he’s the one who shot her boyfriend. So we end on a somewhat uplifting note as they uncover the bodies, with the utopian samples Ravi needs to test out a better cure. Just in time too, because New Hope (the cured test rat) is now dead. (Gifs from dailyzombie on tumblr)


Clive finally (finally!) notices that Liv seems to take on the personalities of the people she “psychically connects to”, but when he mentions it to Ravi he brushes it off instead of backing it up to help explain her weird behavior.


Looks like the actual authorities, including Liv and Ravi, are now the only ones who don’t know Major is the Chaos Killer.

Blaine is being watched by the FBI, as their number one Chaos Killer suspect and Major went and stuck his head in the window.

What did you all think?