I am already dead! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh-oh. Yeah. It is that time of the year again, folks! iZombie time! And perfectly during the month of October when we’re already seeing ghouls of all sorts running around in our heads and TV sets and everywhere in between. And thus we get to our megathread post for the show, which I tentatively volunteered to be in charge of. As I’m running this show I should add it likely won’t be going up until Wednesday mornings because I watch a few other shows and goddamn is my Tuesday night packed.

Not that I saw anything last night. Thursday to Monday I slept all of 5 or 6 hours. Insomnia, folks. It sucks!


Firstly though, I have to ask is anyone interested in this show? I’ll do the Megathreads as I signed up as the Primary, but if no one’s interested then I can just make one Megathread/Recap post per episode going forward. Otherwise I’m stealing from antipodes book and making a megathread to link to my own recap and anyone else’s who’s game for the show.

But let’s get with the recap, amirite? And in this case what’s a recap with out a little “Der Kommissar” just to get us all up and nice to speed.

So season 1 ended on a literal bang in every possible sense. Not only was there an explosion at the butcher’s where Blaine ran his operation from and setup to happen by Lt. Suzuki, Babineaux’s senior office aka Blaine’s top zombie cop, but both Major and Liv’s younger brother were injured there as well.

Major took down Blaine’s operation entirely on his own but was mortally wounded by Blaine in the process, meanwhile Liv’s brother was showing up to get back to that looking for a job thing which was offered to him by Blaine after finding out he was Liv’s brother.

From there things were mostly wrapped up on the brains take out story line, since Blaine was cured of his zombie-ism (it’s now a word!) by Liv and thus could no longer put a crew together after Major wiped out his old one. Of course this wouldn’t be iZombie without some bad coming Liv’s way through things.

Namely, she scratched Major to turn him in order to save his life and he did not appreciate that and made it painfully known to Liv. What remained of the cure she gave to him so that he would be human again.

Shortly thereafter she found out about her brother and rushed to visit him in the hospital. At this point it was shocking to no one made known that he needed blood and Liv was a match for his blood type. GASP! Liv of course having just gone through the whole “I turned you into a zombie to save you and now you hate me for what I’ve made you” thing with Major only minutes before turned down her mother’s “give him blood!” thing.

And that’s almost exactly where season 2 starts off.

We join our young heroine who is at the hospital in an attempt to visit her completely asleep brother. Despite last season’s ending where she flat out stated she would not be donating very needed blood she is there sitting on his bed and reviewing his charts. Three(!) surgeries to remove shrapnel from his body.

Of course there’s no way this peaceful scene can continue on and Liv’s mother quickly show up and tells her to amscray.


Liv’s decision to not donate blood has clearly affected her relationship with both her mother and what becomes obvious a few moments later her younger sibling.

Like any mother though Liv’s is curious as to why Liv didn’t give that life saving blood and much like far too many mothers the world over her first thought is “drugs”. While the back and forth between the two takes place Liv’s brother wakes up and beckons her over to him, at first you can’t make out what he’s saying and so Liv leans closer and he tells her flat out to leave and not come back. Apparently their previous season’s closeness has come to an end.

The day is never done though when you’re a medical examiner and we promptly cut to Liv and Ravi clearly walking towards a crime scene and discussing what transpired at the hospital between Liv and her family.

Let the record show I hate Ravi. No, that’s a lie. He’s awesome. I hate that he has a decent looking beard and I meanwhile am working on growing mine out again after I shaved it off all of a month and a half ago. Never shave a beard for any women! [glares in the direction of my mother’s place of employment and then glares north towards San Antonio and none of your damn business!] You’ll regret it.

Anyway, it’s right back to business and a rather grisly crime scene. One that is the subconscious fear of any person who’s worked underneath a vehicle at one point or another. Having a car fall on them. What a way to go.


Rather quickly we learn that our victim was that old man on the block. You know the type. The one that everyone and their mother hates and the party for is all but being planned as the police and MEs do their thing. Seriously, it’s made painfully clear just how much no one liked our victim throughout the episode.

After checking things out, as is want to happen under such circumstances it’s back to the ME lair where Liv is having already partaken of a rather scrumptious looking spaghetti and meat-brain lunch courtesy of our victim. We also catch up on our now cured former zombie rat and there’s a silly yet cute little moment involving her name and a shot at something we all don’t remember fondly.

“Have you noticed that Final Hope hates me?”

“Her name is New Hope. Not Final Hope, you know this. If I wanted to give her a depressing name I would have gone with Phantom Menace.”


Some additional discussion ensues regarding whether the cure is permanent and whether Major will remain major or “grow horns”. Not too mention Ravi is the passive aggressive and snark champion of this show and Liv quickly gets apologetic about having used all of the cure.


Discussion then ensues about creating additional vials of the zombie cure, the catch being Ravi requires Utopia which was what caused the change originally. However, not just any Utopia. Utopia that has been cut with something else. This of course can only be acquired from one source, Blaine aka The Now Also Cured.

With name dropping like that we tune in to Blaine, who is now the proud owner of everything you need for when those closest to you have passed on. I’ve always said there’s only one sure thing in life and that’s death and that’s why we should all invest in funeral homes and cemeteries and it seems like Blaine is a man after my own heart. He even have a wonderful little speech prepared to unleash on those who pay him a visit with the possible intent to turn to him for their needs, as we witness it works and his sincerity for those who don’t know just how much of horrible human being he actually is cannot be called into question.

Babineaux meanwhile looks rather unimpressed with a ceremony being conducted to honor the late Lt. Suzuki who is being made out to be quite the hero in ending the reign of a drug group with profound murders to their name. Shortly thereafter Babineaux pays a visit to Liv who he finds asleep on a couch in the Batcave. When she is shocked awake we see what I found to be one of the highlights of the episode, Old Man Liv and Old Man Liv is unbelievably sharp of tongue. To everyone. It’s really a sight to behold. Although that might just be me and my whole “I love a woman who can either beat me up or savagely do so with her words”. [shrugs] I regret nothing.

Beabineaux of course invites Liv along to canvas the neighborhood and speak to neighbors of the old man in hopes of turning up any leads, taking the opportunity to also question her in regards to her alibi for Major. It’s evident Babineaux is suspicious of the events that transpired surround the late Lt. Suzuki and he doesn’t really believe the story that Suzuki had anything to do at all with what happened at the butcher’s. Major is very much the prime suspect in his mind and that’s likely going to be one of the side things dealt with this season.


Liv points out that Major passed GSR test, to which Beabineaux retorts that Major wasn’t able to be found for 24 hours and could have easily have scrubbed himself clean of said residue. This also serves as a moment where he basically lays it all out there. Suzuki’s wound appeared self-inflicted, Julian who Major was obsessed with was a victim at the scene, the teen found in the freezer was one of the Major’s kids.

Moments later they knock on the door of a young man by the fact that he’s the one who called the PD’s not so anonymous tip line (“we don’t claim its anonymous” and “we sprung for caller ID”).

“Your T-shirt is stupid. That’s meant to be literal.” You can tell she wanted to add “idiot” to the end of that sentence. Have I mentioned how awesome Grumpy Liv is?


They play back his tip via recording to him and he adds on to it. Mainly by pointing out that he heard the victim argue with a young man who we’ll see shortly and witnessed an altercation between the two, in which our now potential suspect was hit with a taser by the now deceased and eventually stated “I’m gonna BLEEP you up, old man.” That’s not me censoring myself, that’s an exact quote from the show.

Ravi meanwhile is thereafter paid a quick visit by Liv who is now in full on racist mode and asking him to explain to “his people” how turn signals work. Above is Ravi’s face the moment he hears her say that.


It is hear where we have our “coincidence, I think not!” moment of the episode. A body is going to a funeral home, care to guess whose funeral home? No need to guess, Liv spells it all out. The funeral home in question belongs to one John Deaux, which I must admit is perhaps the most clever play on that name I’ve ever seen on TV. If I ever have go on the lam and need an pseudonym while on the run just call me George Deaux. But I digress, John Deaux is one known alias of Blaine!

One hop, skip, and jump away and Liv is at his doorstep and quickly trading barbs with the white haired and serious faced villain of the series who promptly points out that he’s not in his previous line of work. Liar, liar pants on fire! He sees no reason of course to help Liv find that cut Utopia, at least until she deliciously points out that the first rat to have the cure tried on it died within two days and who knows if the second batch last permanently. Seen above is BlaineDeaux’s “I could murder you right now for having left out that detail til just this moment” face.


He promises nothing, which is the same thing as saying “fine, I’ll find the goddamn drug”.

Major meanwhile has taken up being a trainer! Because he can’t get a recommendation from his previous place of employment. For obvious reasons.


His first client is a man after my own heart to a degree. “I’m an emotional eater and last night I was feeling all stuffed crust pepperoni.” Word, good sir. Word.

So clearly Major is down on his luck but trying to make the most of his truly ridiculous life. Missing kids whose brains were being harvested to sell to zombies that he later dispatched and was turned into himself and now the guy is on hard times and goddamnit I’m a personal trainer now but at least these people are trying to get in some degree of shape, so I got that going for me which is nice.

Eventually he takes a call from Liv who also informs him that the cure might not be permanent and goddamn she should change her name to Captain Buzzkillington because she is just nothing but bad news. Like for real.

Back at the station Liv is just adding to Babineaux’s day by pointing out how their new suspect clearly did it because “he wears makeup”. Oh and his pants are basically a bra for his ass. She then follows it up with an “Obama” and head shake that had me laughing hysterically. (My mom is a huge Obama fan and just to mess with her I pretty much complain about random things and then go “it’s all that damn Obama’s fault”. She doesn’t share my sense of humor.)


Our perp though is clearly not the killer, as is proven when Babineaux checks his shoe print to one found at the scene of the crime.

Elsewhere in Seattle we pay a visit to Max Rager headquarters and I must say our evil executive here plays the part of, well, evil executive, cough, oh so well.


Clearly investors are not happy with the piece on Max Rager turning people into roided out freaks occasionally but he downplays their concerns and informs them that soon enough SuperMax will be on the market and their financial compensation because of it will more than soothe their conerns, cares, everything away. SuperMax. Because there is nothing ominous sounding about a name like that from a company who’s current product sold on the market has the potential to turn people into psychos and/or zombies. Nope, nothing wrong with a name like that at all.

After his conference call we learn strange things are afoot at the Circle K. His assistant informs him that “our surveillance has paid off”, along with a bit more info. Frankly, I found all this intriguing and it definitely sets up yet another avenue for this show to pursue for the season.

Also, let the record show that his assistant is in fact a ginger and it should come to no surprise to any of us that a ginger is in cahoots with an evil executive. They both lack souls. Let the record also show that I carry the ginger recessive gene. It is evident when I let my hair grow out, as it takes on a red tinge at the sideburns and don’t even get me started on my beard when it’s fully grown, and the band of freckles that runs across my face just below my eyes. So if any gingers read this then please don’t hurt me, I’m one of you!


And naturally the doors do close before we hear any details on “the object of their destruction”. Damnit!

Cut to Major meeting yet another client where something very interesting happens. His hair stands on end and Major gets a very unusual look on his face. Dun dun dun!


A short time later at his now shared home with Ravi, aka Ravi’s home where Major is a guest and roommate, we learn the significance of what transpired at the client’s. Major is now a walking, talking zombie detector!

Back at the station Liv meets up with Babineaux and we learn our deceased victim had some altercation that resulted in significant financial damage to his automobile. We also see Clive defend Liv from a somewhat unruly man in cuffs that results in her saying, “Thanks, Clive. You’re one of the good ones.” The look on Clive’s face is one of those Kodak moments.


Clive at that point walks off, mostly shocked at what Liv just said. Meanwhile Ravi calls and informs Liv of something: Side effect of the cure is the ability to detect zombies. Which is why New Hope does not care for Liv. She knows!

A few steps later as she listens to Ravi talk on the phone she runs in to the one person on the show who is clearly not a fan of hers, the police sketch artist. I love watching these two interact on screen, he has never forgiven her since she channeled the artists and basically belittled the hell out of him when he did a favor for her down in the ME’s sanctuary.


“Did they find the guy who did that to your hair or is he still at large?” Lol. Poor Jimmy the Sketch Artist. I fear he will never be free of the terror in his life known as “You!”

Seriously, look at his face. The hair remark struck a nerve.

Babineaux meanwhile sees their interaction and runs over to keep them from tearing each other a part by offering Jimmy his bear claw in the break room, to which Jimmy retort’s that he’s taking Liv’s as well. Liz is less than sold on that, “Oh, you’ll lose a hand!” Jimmy replies like a champ though, “I’m not scared of you!” If they made a show focusing entirely on the interactions between Jimmy and Liv I’d watch it. Just saying.

Blaine meanwhile is hot on the case of the cut Utopia and tracks down the person he suspects of knowing something about that, going so far as to offer a reward for info on it. This causes them to open up and chime that they didn’t do it but they know who did.


I foresee this not ending well for our reward claimer. You won’t live to enjoy it, my friend. That is not the face of a man who parts with anything. Period.

Liv and Babineau meanwhile track down their new suspect based on a vision Liv had, the sister-in-law of the deceased. Who can clearly walk! (Because she pulled up in one of those sit down scooter dealies when she first put in an appearance.) Of course she’s promptly provided an alibi by her friends.


This leads to the two exiting, at which point a light bulb goes off in Liv’s head. The not so anonymous tipster, he had dog toys and photos of dogs in his home and yet no plainly visible dog. The theory is then stated that the deceased poisoned said tipster’s dog and said tipster then got revenge. Ala AC/DC “if you want blood, you’ve got it” style.

They walk over and Liv all but accuses him of murder and they ask that he produce the dog that is totally not there because AHA!

As you can see from the pic his dog is perfectly fine.

He even has an alibi for the night of the murder, he was down at a pub watching football. Arsenal vs Chelsea, woo! Now that’s a game! (Yes, I watch soccer. Despite living in Texas. Home of the Dallas Cowboys, who suck. And also the Longhorns, who suck even more. Go Aggies! And the San Antonio Spurs, who suck not as much as the other two but suck nonetheless.)

Babineaux, being the top cop that he is, decides to follow up with this alibi and confirms for the most part that it appears to be true. Although he does note that the pub has a side exit and the young man could have easily gone out it without having been caught on surveillance footage, he knows because he checked the footage.

He also makes an interesting discovery, which you can see above.

The new theory then becomes this: His dog is missing and there’s a very obvious perpetrator, the dead guy. So what if Tipster went to the pub and while having a few decided to confront the now deceased? He clearly cared about his pet and thus might have done something stupid while intoxicated and upset about the loss of his animal.


Something interesting stands out to both though, the boots worn by said tipster in the surveillance footage still photo appear to be the type worn by the killer.

This leads to them showing up with a warrant and holy fuck was this scene hard to watch. As an animal lover it was so hard to watch.


He breaks down and basically confirms what the theory. He went to have a few drinks and watch the game and in the process became upset and decided to go confront the deceased who all but laughed at the young man and admitted that he had done something to do the dog. In a fit of anger and non-thinking the jack holding the car up was kicked and next thing you know we now have a corpse.

Fuck. This scene. I mean watching him break down gets to both Babineaux and even Grumpy Liv.

I’m gonna need a moment here, kids.

[composes self]

Back at the MEcave Liv looks upon the deceased and laments that life basically dealt them a bad hand and it made them bitter and she promises not to let that happen to her. By which she means she’s not “all business” as she told Ravi early on in the episode. She’s going to attempt to be there for her brother, friends, etc.

And rather than post a screenshot and talk and go from there I posted a few so I can cover it all in one go.


MaxDouchebag is giving a speech about loving submarine films, focusing on the one moment where every single one seems to be hit by a torpedo and the captain on board makes the seemingly cold call to “close the hatch”. Therefore dooming men on the other side and the order is carried out by one sailor, usually with tears in his eyes, and that man is a hero. That man performed their difficult duty in order to save lives. He then goes so far as to state zombies live among us and they are eating human brains and who knows how they’re getting them, but they gotta go.

This speech is being given to none other than Major, who he’s essentially propositioning to be MR’s zombie killer. Major, our chiseled trainer with a sense of morality that almost surpasses even Captain America’s. Major of course tells him he’s got the wrong guy.

At which point our Evil Exec pulls out a recording, that surveillance he was referring to earlier is of Ravi and Liv and it’s got Ravi stating his belief that Major is a human zombie detector. He then goes out to point out that they’ve put people to work to create an algorithm that can detect transactions that likely point to potential zombies, namely tanning and spicy food purchases. He then produces a list of potential suspect zombies and ask Major to determine which ones are the real deal and deal with them with extreme prejudice.

Major of course balks at this and gets up with the intent to walk out.

At which point another recording is played, the one of Liv from earlier in the episode when she called Major and he answered and she mentioned Babineaux being very interested in Major and wanting to take apart his alibi for the events of last season’s finale.


Major doesn’t care, “Do what you gotta do.” At which point Evil Exec plays his final card, “We do know of one zombie. Liv Moore...” And this of course does it for Major, he’s reluctantly in because if he isn’t then they start without him and they don’t necessarily have to start with her but they do have to start somewhere.

And thus Major has become our Zombie Assassin for the series and goddamn is he efficient and cold in his new found job. He doesn’t perform it as stealthily or as unnoticed as he liked though, Evil Exec’s assistant is watching him from the bushes below the bridge and river where Major dropped the corpse of his second client.

Back at home Liv is wallowing in her thoughts and her roommate calls out to her to come watch the new episode of Zombie High, as much as she’d like to decline Liv is all for living for those around her.


As for her new roommate, it’s Evil Assistant. DUN DUN DUN! Who rather subtly discusses work and the “guy we hired”.

This is definitely a great season opener because if you’ve watched up to this point you already know all the major players and you’re given a tease of what’s to come this season. I for one can’t wait for next week’s episode!

And again, please, chime in if you plan to do your own recaps or if no one cares and I can just do one Megathread/Recap rolled into one. I did this one as is because I really didn’t see much interest in the show, but I’m Captain Oblivious and if that isn’t the case by all means say so.


Edit. For those who are curious and care about such things: The screenshots are as lovely as they are due to my having used Lightscreen to take screenshots of the video while watching it and that video copy was in the lovely 720p x265 format. I will watch nothing less and haven’t for quite a bit now. Anything less and I’m gonna be a snob about it and pass.