Kinda gives hope to all the up-and-comers out there, don't it?

Jim Lee posted some of his rejection letters on Instagram a while back, and a few were picked up by bloggers. More recently, writer Brian Michael Bendis shared Lee's Marvel rejection letters on Tumblr.


It's interesting to see how many times (and how directly) Lee was rejected before he finally got an acceptance letter.

Of course, he didn't let rejection get to him, and editors made sure to include encouraging remarks.

When he finally did get an assignment, Lee jumped right into it, even adjusting the assignment when he saw the need to.

The end result looks pretty decent but a far cry from Jim Lee's later work. Lee would look back fondly on this time. Note Purple Girl's black leather jacket, included as instructed.

Of course, Jim Lee went on to be the X-Men artist of the late 80s and early 90s - even getting his own new title before leaving Marvel to co-found Image Comics.

Today Jim Lee's designs are the guide for most of DC's heaviest hitters, and he's serving as co-publisher of the company that rejected him more than once!

[brought to my attention by The Marvel Age of Comics Tumblr and Tom Brevoort's Twitter]