Draw strength from the cuteness in this post to help you make it through the rest of your week!

First up: these two Amur tiger cubs were born at the U.K.’s Woburn Safari Park. Amur tigers are critically endangered, with the total population almost evenly split between the Amur tigers in the wild (~520) and in captivity (326).

Tiger mom Minerva is doing a great job keeping these little cubs safe, warm and fed. The sex of the cubs has not yet been determined.

I’ve written about tigers in my Caturday series.

And there’s video!

After tigers, we have lions (oh my)! The Indianapolis Zoo welcomed three more lions to its pride in September.

The litter consists of two male cubs and one female cub. Zuri (mom) and Nyack (dad) are both first-time parents. The entire family is doing well.

The Indianapolis Zoo will be asking the public for help in naming the new cubs through its Facebook page.

I’ve written about lions in my Caturday series.

Last but not least, an update on the caracal kittens that I posted about earlier this month.

The cubs have been named, with the male being called Nandi and the female Nisha. Both names are of Sanskrit origin.

Nandi and Nisha have been exploring the Oregon Zoo’s Serengeti habitat with their mom, Peggy.

And there’s video!