On Legends of Tomorrow, the team heads to 1986 for their next lead on Vandal Savage, just in time to accidentally get involved in the cold war. Here’s the promo for the episode, followed by a spoiler-filled recap (filling in for Aderyn on this one, and figured I’d do this while it’s fresh in my memory, but I’ll add more gifs tomorrow if the ones I’m looking for pop up). Update: more gifs found, and added.

The team needs a file the US government has on Vandal Savage, but their copy of the fax has all those redacted black lines over it, so naturally they need to steal the original, located in the Pentagon.

Ray and Snart are in disguise as janitors, and Snart is able to swipe a key card from someone an officer. Which impresses Ray, but that’s not all he gets.

Just doing my job

Leonard then passes off the card to Sara and Kendra, both disguised as officers, who get into the file room and steal what they need.

I feel like Sara pulls off the uniform better. Maybe because she looks more confident and authoritative, and Kendra looks nervous she might get caught?

Mic, also undercover, has challenged a “fellow officer” to an arm wresting contest with money on the table to distract the security team, and Firestorm is siphoning power so Sara and Kendra can use the “emergency only” exit without notice. But Firestorm causes a blowback while Jax is arguing in his head with Stein, and everyone’s cover is blown.


Sara and Kendra fight off some military personnel and doing well until Kendra goes eyes red full of rage and starts clawing some poor guy’s face off. Luckily, Firestorm is able to pull her off after he leaves the Pentagon in the least sneaky way possible.

With the file in hand, and things not any more screwed up than any other mission so far, they learn Savage is in the Soviet Union, so it’s off to the USSR for our team. While on their way, Chronos shows up and their ships are able to detect each other through the cloaking.


Rip has the admittedly clever idea of using the time to their advantage and orders Gideon to drop cloak and make some noise, which brings some Russian fighters heading right for them.

The Russians fire a few heat seaking missiles, at which point Rip has Gideon kill the engine, and with their ship gone cold, the missiles head towards the uncloaked heat of Chronos’ ship which is conveniently shot out of the sky.


The files from the Pentagon reveal that Savage has recruited a Russian scientest named Valentina Vostok, for a project Svarog, which according to Stein is a Slavic god of fire. Captain Cold thinks putting two bullets to the back of her head is the simplest way to hinder Savage’s plans, but Ray is concerned she doesn’t know who she’s working for and wants to try and talk to her as a scientist.

Side note, according to the LOT wiki, Valentina Vostok is better known in the comics as Doom Patrol member Negative Woman.

Rip conveniently has what are basically universal translator pills, that allow Ray and Leonard to speak and understand Russian, but to us it just sounds like they’re speaking English. Basically the TV equivalent of the “translated from Russian” editorial note, which is not something I thought I’d see on screen.

They find out Valentina is attending a ballet so that’s where Ray will go, with Snart acting as his wingman. Snart then tells Gideon to bone him (up on ballet) in what is one of my favorite moments.

Valentina is completely uninterested in Ray, so Snart steps in and is able to charm her with his charm, and also from having studied up on the ballet she was attending. At her request, he walks her home and is even invited in but tells her he has other business.

He calls out Ray, who was tailing them, and wants to know if he asked about her work with Savage. Leonard says it didn’t come up, but he didn’t leave empty handed.

Back on the ship, Rip asks Sara to train Kendra how to fight and control her inner angry hawk priestess warrior. And after some sparring first Kendra’s rage gets unleashed and then Sara’s does. Later Rip tells Kendra he was hoping they could help each other since they have the most similar experience in being brought back from the dead and having anger management problems.

Then Rip notices a time anomaly which he assumes his Chronos and takes Mic with him to check it out

It turns out to be his Time Master Druce, his former mentor, who has a deal. Surrender himself, and he’ll be acquitted and his team returned unharmed to Januray 2016. Mic tells him it’s all a lie and his “friend” intends to kill them once they’re all together, but Rip doesn’t want to believe that.


He offers everyone a choice of what to do, and then goes to meet his former boss. And it turns out Mic was right and it’s a trap, with Chronos there to take him in. But it turns out the team wasn’t ready to give up their mission and Firestorm and Heat Wave show up to take on Chronos and Druce. Inside Firestorms head, Stein is ordering Jax to be careful but Jax is tired of the voice in his head and decides to rush out, firing a blast just as Chronos tosses out an explosive. Chronos is hit, but so is Firestorm and the explosion causes him to separate. Stein is ok, but had a bad landing.

But that doesn’t stop him and Stein from arguing some more back on the ship before he goes to the med bay. Stein then offers to infiltrate the facility Valentina is doing her research in, since he can science-talk his way through it. He discovers that what Savage is working on is creating his own Firestorm, no doubt after seeing him in action in the 70s.


Even separated, Stein is able to absorb enough radiation to steal a core and halt Savage’s efforts, while Ray and Snart depower the reactor.

But then Valentina shows up and Ray sends Snart to keep her from exposing herself to the radiation but it turns out she is well aware of what Savage wants and is fully on board.


She holds a gun to Leonard’s head and threatens to shoot if Ray doesn’t repower the reactor, so he gives in and does it.

Stein is still able to grab the core anyway, but absorbing all that radiation weakens him. Heat Wave shows up to back up Captain Cold, but gets captured by soldiers. Cold is able to escape with the core, but Stein and Ray are also taken, and having seen what he did, Valentina realizes they don’t need the core if they have him.

One nitpicky thing that bothered me: last time he appeared on The Flash, Cold told Barry he made a modification to his gun so that if it was taken away from him, it would basically act as a freeze bomb. So why didn’t that happen when Valentina knocked it out of his hand? Does it have to be set first? And even then, why not set it?


Also, sad to not see Rocket Red, even if it’s just the empty armor sitting somewhere (unless it was there and I missed it, in which case I’d still be sad).

Mic threatens to go “all Rocky IV” on the Russian officer before being thrown into their truck after getting knocked around a bit, and we’re left with the rest of the team planning to rescue their friends, and Cold not happy about having to leave them behind in the first place.

The episode ends with Stein being placed in a cell and told to get some rest, he’s got work to do tomorrow.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of lotsource.tumblr & coldwavelegends.tumblr - they made the “bone me gif” and are awesome!)