Political parties(/religions) have been formed, Jay Leno and Abby K have been destroyed by the False Prophet, Flareon who has likewise been eradicated. If you would like any of that to make sense, continue reading, I guess.

So yeah. Twitch Plays Pokemon, the bizarre social experiment involving thousands upon thousands of people playing the same game of Pokemon, has political parties now. Helix and Dome. Helices believe in the path of "anarchy" (that the game should continue being played the way it began, with all command being input as soon as they're sent via chat), while Domes believe that the game should restructure into the new input method "democracy" (a ten-second delay between each command, and then the command entered is the most popular one input during that ten-second delay.

While the Helix Vs Dome thing seemed to have begun as a joke (since Red seemed to be frequently consulting the Helix fossil, the TPP lore became that the Helix fossil is a religious icon, with Dome being the opposing force of evil) when the anarchy vs democracy system was introduced for real, they seem to have been adopted as icons for each group. Animosity has formed, and "characters" from the TPP stream have been put on the different sides.


Oh, yeah, that's the other thing. TPP has had some insane lore built up around it. Not only has it been decided that Red is now a terribly tortured individual who has thousands of voices speaking in his head at once, but these voices have led to him being portrayed erratically...

or in a much more sympathetic, downright tearjerking way.


As a water-type Pokemon with the move surf is required to complete the game, TPP had to acquire one, and since catching Pokemon is predictably difficult due to the nature of the experiment, it was decided that one of two "free" Pokemon would be the best bet to take the last spot in the party, Lapras, or Eevee. Eevee was obtainable earlier on, and therefore the more attractive choice, but in order to learn surf, Eevee had to evolve into the water-type Vaporeon, by using a water stone. Except once Eevee was acquired, the hivemind accidentally bought a fire stone, and evolved it into Flareon instead.

So the hivemind had to return to a PC to rid themselves of their terrible mistake. Once there, however, a mixture of trolls and input latency led to them accidentally releasing (deleting) two of their useful Pokemon, "ABBBBBBK (" (Known as "Abby K") and
"JLVWNNOOOO" ("Jay Leno"). Thus it was decided that this was all Flareon's fault, and that Flareon/Eevee were pure evil sent by the Dome, there to lead Red astray.

After this, Red got stuck in the Team Rocket Hideout for a full day. Eventually those running the stream enabled the much slower, but much easier method of "Democracy" on the TPP stream, to much controversy. A protest of players typing "START 9" (which would, if said enough, cause Red to do nothing during that command interval but press the start button nine times) began, until Democracy was halted, and a new voting system between "Democracy and Anarchy" was introduced. (That's right, they're voting on whether to be a democracy or anarchy, don't think about it too hard.)

And so we're back to our political party. Helices believe in anarchy (in their own words "going nowhere fast"), while Domes follow the democratic method, and want to see the game over with ("going somewhere slowly").

Flareon "The False Prophet" has become something of an icon for the Dome party, despite being released yesterday.

While the group's Drowzee has risen up as "The Keeper," on the side of anarchy, there to "keep" the false prophet down.

Because I don't know. Meanwhile, everyone loves Red's high-level Pidgeot, who has been dubbed "Bird Jesus" by the hive mind.

Surprisingly, the game is still making some progress. They've been stuck in the Pokemon Tower (roughly halfway through the game) for some time now, but if they can overcome that insane maze, I have faith they can make it through this too.

Twitch Plays Pokemon is not just a bunch of people playing Pokemon, it's become a very, very strange social experiment, and a great example of communal storytelling. Don't be surprised if this sort of multi-single-player experience becomes a common genre soon, and remember where it all started. Meanwhile, I'll keep watching Twitch Plays Pokemon with fascination. We're on day eight going nowhere fast, and it can only get weirder from here.

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