Last night’s Limitless was another fun one, focusing on Morra’s mysterious employee Sands, as he’s forced to ask Brian for some NZT-assisted help. Meanwhile, the FBI prove that even if he’s very helpful, they don’t need Brian to solve all their cases for them, and an unexpected development happens. Here’s the promo for the episode, spoilers after the break.

The episode starts off with Brian and his sister Rachel are watching a Game of Thrones, probably, while smoking out of his bong, Sinbad (thanks to Taltos1 and DellsDontBounce for the correction). Sinbad movie (of the Seven Voyages variety, not the comedian). She’s telling Brian about a disastrous date she was recently on, when they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Which turns out to be Sands, who has a large piece of glass sticking out of his leg and asks Brian for help.


Brian is forced to take one of his secret stash NZT pills, so he can operate on Sands, with help from Rachel, who is led to believe Sands is a deep undercover agent so she can’t say anything about this. After that, and tension pneumothorax (causing a collapsed lung?), which Brian treated with a thoracic decompression (releasing air trapped in the pleural space) and an emergency tracheotomy (thanks again to Taltos1 for the correction), Brian heads off with Sands to help him with something, and asks Rachel to clean up.

As they’re driving off, Brian gets a call from Rebecca but Sands tosses his phone out the window before he can answer, and tells him he’ll give him a punch so he can say he got mugged.

It turns out Sands has been tasked with killing all his former MI-6 teammates, who all turned on their leader/mentor after using their position to smuggle stuff in far off countries. And to explain all this, the show presents it as a comic book (very similar to O-ren Ishii’s origin story in Kill Bill Vol 1). It’s all quite exciting.

Sands has already crossed 2 names off his list before Brian convinces him to stop killing people and he’ll help him locate the guy ordering him around. Sands agrees, after having already poisoned the 3rd guy, but Brian leaves a note with antidote ingredients for the EMTs to find.


The last name on the list is Sands himself, but second to last is the guy that got him out of trouble and set him up working for Morra. He’s also comatose and only 7/8 alive (as Sands puts it, and Brian questions).

Brian finds a safe deposit box key in his apartment, and gets the Bank owner to let them in before opening hours.

The contents include a book with all the dirt he had on his MI-6 teammates including location the old boss may be keeping Sands’ secret love child, who was given up for adoption.

They get there, and Brian gets the kid out, while Sands takes care of business, imagined by Brian as an epic showdown.

On the FBI side of things, they’ve been called in on a kidnapping case. Spoiler alert: it’s Sands’ secret son.


Rebecca , working on a hunch, finds out that the usual school attendant was out that day because of a car accident, that turned out to not be an accident. She then finds the guy who took the kid, because the kid is diabetic and the kidnapper was spotted buying insulin.

They track him to the same location Brian and Sands were at, but arrive just after they’ve left with the kid, who has been returned safely to his adopted parents. All’s well that ends well (see comments for gifs).

Except Ike was sent over to Brian’s place since he didn’t answer his phone.

He is ordered to stay there until Brian shows up, meaning he gets to hang out with Rachel, who he previously mentioned he thinks is cute (he’s not wrong) and had been thinking of asking her out. She’s sweet on him because his job is to protect her brother, and when he mentions he took a bullet for Brian, that really seems to win her over.

As Brian learns when he gets home the next morning...

His reaction speaks for itself:

After telling them to bleach or burn everything, and insisting that if this is going to be a thing, she has to call him “Ike”, he heads out to look over the book he swiped from that safe deposit box.


Included is info that after Morra hired Sands and his now comatose friend, they were tasked with gathering up all the NZT out in the world, including eliminating dealers and unsanctioned users. And that’s how Brian learns that Morra likely killed Rebecca’s dad.


Another side story is that Rebecca’s birthday is coming up but she doesn’t like getting gifts or blowing out candles. She eventually reveals it’s because the last time she celebrated it, her dad had promised to be there but didn’t show up, and she wished he would just die and leave her alone. Turns out he’d already been dead a couple days.


Sands needs new clothes since he shows up at Brian’s place bleeding. The only shirt he’ll fit in: Female Body Inspector.

Once again, Brian is doing some computer hacking but tells us it’s boring and gives us a dog picture to look at. Love it.

(Comic book gifs courtesy of Vulture. Episode gifs courtesy of Limitlessedits.tumblr, kingdollophead.tumblr , moved to comments from post)

What did you all think?

Here are the pages from Brian’s comic book interpretation of Sands’ story, gathered from various sources.



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