Friday’s Grimm gives us two big stories in one, and a lot happens in both. We start right where last week left off, with a showdown at the spice shop, all while the Portland PD are possibly hunting the Jack the Ripper. Major spoilers after the break.

With Juliette about to use her powers to make Nick shoot Monroe, Hank dives in and pushes Monroe (and himself) out of the bullet’s path. Juliette thanks them for having tamed Adalind’s powers for her, and then leaves. Rosalee, Monroe and Hank all agree they’re done trying to help Juliette. Nick decides the captain should be warned about what’s going on, but when he calls his cell phone, someone else answers. Someone with a cockney accent.

Realizing Renard may be in trouble, Nick and Hank race over to his place only to find him having been asleep. He confesses to him that he’s been blacking out and bleeding from where he got shot. The last thing he remembers is visiting Henrietta so they head over there to find her dead, and Renard is very troubled. He’s worried that the killer has been following him since the press conference, but Nick starts to theorize that maybe Jack has possessed him. Meanwhile, Sgt. Franco is assigned to watch over the Captain’s house, just in case.


While this is going on, the Royals, led by Kenneth have taken over the houses surrounding Nick and Juliette’s in the most brutal way possible, by apparently killing all the home owners. (Seriously, I hope someone kills Kenneth, what a dick.) Then, after Kenneth gets some final info from Juliette on how many ways in and out of her house, and she possibly seduces him in the bed she and Nick used to share (we only see the bed after), they stick to surveillance.

While they’re watching the house, they see someone in a black hood approaching, but not with a child. This same figure was seen by us, the viewers, entering the burnt trailer and surveying the damage.

Kenneth figures it’s just some kid, but sends someone to follow just in case. Smart idea in theory, but not so smart in practice for the guy given the job. After losing the kid, he woges to reveal he’s a hundjager. Then this happens.

It’s Trubel! And it’s lucky for Nick she’s back, because he’ll be needing help sooner than he realizes. But first, back to Jack the Ripper. Nick stops by Bud’s place (where he’s been sleeping on the couch with a baseball bat) to talk to Adalind, and it turns out she knows exactly what’s going on.

It seems that when Sean was shot, he did in fact die, which opened a portal (presumably to hell) and when his mom brought him back, something hitched a ride. And he goes by “Jack” and speaks with an accent.


Nick and Hank then go to Rosalee and Monroe, who figure the way to get Jack to leave might be if he thinks Renard is dying.

So they’re going to use Dead Faint Potion, which Monroe once used when he needed to fake being dead. But they decide they can’t tell Renard because anything he knows Jack might know. The plan is to tell him it’s a different potion that can help him remember what happened during his blackouts.

Nick and Hank head back to the precinct where they go over surveillance footage of the areas near the first two Jack murders. And Nick finds footage of what turns out to be the Captain’s car, with him driving it.

And the close-up.

Nick and Hank let Renard know, and that they think he’s been possessed by Jack the Ripper. After freaking out, Renard agrees to an unofficial house arrest and hands over his gun.

He also requests that someone who knows what’s going on be assigned to watch over him, so it’s Sgt. Wu to the rescue. Nick and Hank then head to the spice shop to get the potion.

But unfortunately for both Sean and Wu, Jack comes out to play again.

But first he decides to leave a message, and nothing is more personal than writing in blood on a mirror.

Wu is about to fall asleep in his patrol car when Renard comes running out yelling that “he’s inside”. When Wu steps out of his car to help, Jack takes over, beats up Wu, and kidnaps him in his patrol car.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Sean Renard in a cap, here you go.

Nick and Hank arrive at Sean’s house to tell him about the “memory potion” only to find the patrol car missing. When they check inside, they see the message on the mirror.

They have Wu’s car located, and arrive just in time to stop Jack from killing another prostitute (this one didn’t even woge, so he may not be going specifically after wesen anymore), cuff him, and take him to the spice shop.


While all this is going on, Kelly Burkhar shows up with Diana, looking older than just a few months btw, and enters the house. Juliette remains upstairs as we hear the attack, and when she gets down there, Kelly is gone and Diana is by herself.

And is that possibly regret on Juliette’s face as she sees how bloody Kenneth looks?

Back at the spice shop, Sean is given the potion that Rosalee says will help him remember, and he starts to fall asleep. Rosalee goes in to check for a pulse. Bad idea.

He takes Rosalee “hostage” while Nick, Hank and Wu draw their guns on him. He demands to know what they gave Renard, and threatens to kill Rosalee. Also a bad idea. She woges, bites him, and gets away.

Then everyone with a gun opens fire.

And Renard is down. Wu reveals that they were rubber bullets, part of the whole fakeout to convince Jack that Renard was dying and it was time to leave. Which he does.

And that’s it. Renard wakes up, feeling like he got hit by a truck, thinks he’s bleeding again, rips his shirt open one last time (for the fans), and they all see the bullet wounds fully heal. Jack is gone.

And just in time because here comes Trubel.

And gifs for anyone region-locked out of watching the clip.

The first stage of grief is denial, but Nick seems to have skipped past that and gone right to anger. And even though she didn’t personally kill Nick’s mom, Juliette did set her up, and didn’t stop them from killing her or leaving her head in a box like that even though she could have. If burning down the trailer wasn’t crossing a line, this doesn’t just cross it, it destroys the line.

And just two days before Mother’s Day....


I’m sure the writers think they left a way for Juliette to redeem herself since she wasn’t personally involved in the actual killing of Nick’s mom, but she set her up, and she could have told the royals to leave her alive but just take Diana, and enforced that herself with her power, but she didn’t. She let them take her outside and kill her as she walked slowly down the stairs. She may as well have done it herself as far as I’m concenred. And that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with making one of the main characters into the main bad guy, she’s pretty good at it.


Glad to see Trubel back! Even though the preview last week gave it away, it was still cool.

ETA: some great acting from Sasha Roiz, not that he isn’t always great but he really brought it up a notch this episode.

A couple extras. First up, is another Facebook Q&A, this time with Juliette’s actress Bitsie Tulloch. Here’s a screen shot of some of the questions I liked, including how often they had to fix up the house. And Bitsie reminding people that she’s not really Juliette :)

There’s also a question about Adalind’s current baby where Bitsie answers that it would be cool if she were carrying Juliette’s baby (but that’s just her talking, not the show runners).


I also learned from this that she and Nick actor David Guintoli are dating in real life(!), which David seemed to hint at in his Q&A but I didn’t think much of it at the time.

And on Youtube, for anyone who likes Bud (and who doesn’t), here’s him recapping almost 4 seasons of Grimm, until just before this episode.

So what did you all think of this episode?

(Gifs courtesy of Grimm Wiki, guintolid on tumblr, and dailygrimm on tumblr)

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