This week on The Newsroom, we get the explanation for Maggie's hair, Occupy Wall Street gets some airtime, and Jim annoys his way into 30 minutes with the candidate, which doesn't turn out the way we think.

Spoilers ahead!

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Maggie is the focus of this week's episode, titled Unintended Consequences. She's in the room with Lawyer MGH, who is trying to feel Maggie out and determine how credible she'll be on the stand. Maggie spends half the interview using the least reassuring phrase possible: "I'm fine." Suuuuuure, Maggie. If you say it enough, it'll suddenly become true, because that's how words work.

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The gist of it is, Maggie and Gary Cooper go to an orphanage to film soldiers building an addition (which, as was pointed out, is really terrible when you think about it). They get stuck there for the night, and Maggie befriends a shy, quiet orphan named Daniel. He seems awestruck at Maggie's long blond hair.


Sometime during the night, raiders come by firing weapons into the air and demanding something in a language no one in the orphanage understands. The adults shuffle the orphans outside and onto a bus, except that their headcount is one short. Naturally, it's Daniel, who is cowering fearfully under a bed. Maggie and Gary Cooper pull him out, and Maggie gives him a piggy-back ride to the bus...which turns out to be a fateful method of transportation. As they run to the bus, we hear a shot, and after drawing out the suspense as long as possible, they reveal that Daniel was killed while clinging to Maggie's back. He essentially stopped the bullet from hitting Maggie.

It turns out, the raiders were demanding the news crew's camera. Cut to Maggie chopping off the long blond hair that Daniel was so obsessed with (and apparently dyeing it afterward). Yep, it's clear that she's fine.


Meanwhile, back in the Occupy Wall Street camp, Neil convinces Shelly to come on the show and talk to Will. This ends in disaster, but not before we find out Shelly is the key to moving the Genoa story forward. (OF COURSE.) My husband accurately predicted that, once we found out Shelly was the key to Genoa, the next step was for her to be humiliated on national TV. Shelly demands an apology from Will, who is not inclined to do so. Neil parades the other ACN heavy hitters before her, to no avail. Finally, Will has a talk with her and seems to appease her; she provides the lead that News Night needs to continue pursuing Genoa.

Our last storyline of the evening involves our trio of rogue campaign reporters. Jim, Hallie and Tequila guy are off the bus in every sense of the word; they have to follow the bus in a separate car, they don't get to use the Romney campaign's block of hotel rooms, and they are not included in any press correspondence by the campaign. The latter puts their jobs in jeopardy, because they don't have insight to write the stories that everyone else is writing about the Romney campaign.

The consequences of this exclusion become apparent when we all listen in to Hallie's boss being a dick. It feels especially painful because we know how important women's issues are to Hallie, so seeing - er, hearing - her mysogynistic boss using such derogatory language with her just made me cringe.

Jim feels guilty, of course, so when he finally annoys Taylor (Romney campaign press person) so much that she blurts out her true feelings about the press, Jim makes a deal to ignore her comments in exchange for 30 minutes with the candidate. He then turns around and gives that 30 minutes to Hallie so she doesn't get in trouble with her boss for being out of the loop. He gets a little smooch (and maybe more??) from Hallie as thanks before he goes back to the newsroom.

This episode was lighter on my favorite characters but still had some great moments, like Charlie smooshing himself up against the glass during the rundown meeting. (<3 Charlie!) Oh, and was anyone underwhelmed by the 2-second reunion of Jim and Maggie? "I read the HR report." That's the big reunion?? I mean, I know she went through some stuff, but I feel like they should have waited until they had more screen time to restart that relationship.


I think that's about it. Sorry it took me so long to post! What are your thoughts?