Last week’s Grimm was a an episode of discovering new items, information and changes. This week’s Grimm is about keeping all those things hidden, some of which is a good idea, and some of which is clearly going to blow up in someone’s face. And on top of that we get a pretty interesting case of the week. Spoilers after the break.

We start off in the spice shop basement where Monroe was just magically healed from his bite wound, seemingly by the stick discovered at the secret location in the Black Forrest. So after trying to figure out if it was definitely the stick, and not the cloth or the box, the group agree to keep it hidden and not tell anyone else about, much like the original 7 Grimms who hid it in the first place, as Rosalee points out. This one’s probably a good secret. Until they learn more about how it works, the less people aware of it, the better.

So when Nick gets home to Adalind and Kelly, he tells her they found the burial location but there was just a bunch of skulls ‘n bones, and the reason he got back so late was he had to stop at the precinct first. Adalind then tells Nick that while he was gone she was thinking about how that potion was just a suppressant and she could become a hexenbiest again and what would happen then? She’s concerned Nick might kick her and Kelly out or try to kill her. He points out she could do the same, but is sure she’s a different person now and they have Kelly together, so they’ll cross that when it happens (and she tells him it has or can’t hide it anymore) but he’s not worried. Not the worst secret to keep if she can hold off on any more incidents a couple days then act surprised the next time something happens.

Nice job with the designing Adam Reamer!

Then we get to spend some time with Eve, who decides to check footage of the assassination, and notices the same thing Renard did, that Rachel seemed to be on the phone and looking up at where the shooter was.

So she decides to pay Renard a visit as he’s getting back into his car with a cup of coffee. She uses her powers to unlock and open the passenger door and after the fun “Juliette? Nope, I’m Eve” exchange, she tells him HW should have seen the assassination coming and stopped it. She then asks why Renard supported Dixon, and confirms that other than thinking he was a good man, it was because his support team asked him to. She says that’s all she needs for now and leaves.

Renard could have opened with mentioning that Rachel is a lowen and working with Black Claw but he didn’t, and since Eve left after he offered to talk more, this is only a half secret for now.


Eve goes back to HW and checks up on Rachel some more, including HW’s database which seems to know all about her, including what kind of wesen she is.

Later, Renard meets with Rachel, at some restaurant & bar, and she tells him he’s a hero now for killing Dixon’s assassin, as the article on her iPhone indicates, and it’s good that he’s joined their cause.

Renard makes it clear that he hasn’t agreed to join anyone, but Rachel keeps talking, mentioning that the best way to get votes is if he has a family. Renard then jokingly asks if she’s proposing and then worriedly asks if she’s pregnant, but her answer to both is “no”. But then she mentions Diana, and when Renard asks how she knows about that, instead of an answer she just adds that she also knows Adalind is the mother. Renard probably wouldn’t side with Black Claw, but he might at least pretend if his daughter’s life is on the line, even though she could probably deal with any attacks herself. She might even be more powerful than Eve. Who happens to be nearby at the bar, spying on Renard and Rachel.

The episode ends with Renard calling Adalind from a phone booth, and telling her he may have a way to get Diana back. Hopefully it involves telling HW about their “Renard for Mayor” plan, and working with Black Claw as a double agent, so that he doesn’t end up on Eve’s bad side.


So the secrets being kept are: the stick found in the Black Forrest - good idea to keep secret. Adalind becoming a hexenbiest again - not the worst secret to keep if she tells Nick within the week and they talk it out. Renard being approached by Black Claw to run for mayor and seemingly calling Adalind to get Diana back so he can go along with their plan - very bad idea to keep secret because if Eve thinks he’s sincerely working with Black Claw it’s going to turn out badly for him, and possibly Adalind and Diana.

The case of the week involves a luchador named Goyo putting on a mask made from the face of a wesen that grants him that wesen’s power. He starts the episode as a skilled wrestler but lacking in showmanship and ability to speak Spanish, so he gets paid to lose and make his opponent look good. But he’s tired of it, so he asks his mask maker, Benito, to give him something like what the wrestlers he grew up idolizing wore. Benito tells him something like that is rare, and the cost is half of his earnings for as long as he uses the mask. After another match against someone he could have beat but had to lose to, he agrees. But of course, there’s also a contract, that has to be signed in blood.

Then Benito woges, and also signs in blood, and then something magic happens.

Then he goes out and finds a man mugging someone. He tells him he’s going to take his face, at which point the mugger woges, revealing himself to be a balam. Benito also woges and bites him, and then proceeds to surgically remove his still woged face. He takes it back to the shop, and does some chanting and pouring of potion and the woged face is now part of a mask.

Goyo gets the mask, and Bentio lets him try it on but then immediately has him remove it, and tells him to only wear it in the ring.

So he goes home and is doing some weight training, and what does he decide to do? That’s right, put on the mask while he’s not in the ring. It gives him power and he can suddenly bench a lot more.

But he also starts feeling very aggressive so he takes it back off until it’s time to get in the ring. He runs circles around his opponent, “El Mayordomo” (real name James Vazquez) and beats him badly, and the crowd loves him, which means Larry, the luchador manager who runs the show isn’t mad he didn’t lose and wants him to headline the next night. He goes back to Benito’s shop to tell him how great it went and give him half his earnings. Benito once again tells him to never wear it outside the ring. So of course, after he leaves and is confronted in an alley by Vazquez who is unhappy about no longer being “undefeated”, they fight and Goyo puts on the mask and ends up killing Vazquez.

But that apparently doesn’t freak him out enough because he puts it on again after getting home, and this time it stays on, becoming his new face, and a woged one at that.

Nick and Hank have been on the case since the mugger who got his face taken was discovered and called in. They’re able to identify him from his ID, and Monroe even knows him, because they both worked at a clock tower site once.

A warning if you haven’t watched this yet: they show the guy after his face was removed a couple times and it’s not pretty, so be prepared and maybe not eating while you watch.

They figure out the toxin found in his blood could have been from a vibora dorada, which is what Benito is, and kept him woged when his face was removed and then figure out it could have been to create a mask that gives kehrseite (aka regular humans) the power of a wesen when they wear it. Then they find the deceased James Vazquez in the alley, and after talking to their manager Larry, find out that Benito provides most of them with their masks.

But it’s too late for Benito, who is killed before he can perform the mask removal ritual because the other masks in the shop start talking to El Tigre Feroz (aka Goyo) and tell him once he loses the power he has now he’ll never get it back.


Nick and Hank arrive just in time to restrain him but they’ll need Monroe and Rosalee’s help to perform the ritual.

Rosalee creates a potion that includes boiling water, and then says a chant, and the face turns back into a mask that can be removed. But Goyo is traumatized after learning he killed Beinto, and being told and then remembering that he killed Vazquez, and he’s still hearing the other masks talking to him. Then, his mask unwoges, and Monroe says “oh, it’s Patrick”.

After that, Nick decides to add what happened as an entry in the Grimm books for future reference.


I’m not sure what Renard is going to ask of Adalind but I don’t think she’d pretend to be his wife when she seems to have feeling for Nick and also a kid with him. But it would be nice for Diana to be able to meet her half brother.


For Renard’s sake, I hope he tells HW everything that’s going on so they can work together against Black Claw and so he won’t get killed by Eve.

If Adalind becomes a full hexenbiest again, I hope she becomes the ally I had wanted Juliette to be. I’m a big fan of Eve, but it would be nice for the main team to have a hexenbiest on their side too.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and character names that I couldn’t remember courtesy of Grimm Wiki)