Friday’s episode of Grimm is wish fulfilment for anyone who wishes people could be stopped from polluting and otherwise damaging the environment. Plus, more on the freaky mirror incident, and Adalind’s drawing of the tunnel symbols. Spoilers after the break.

The episode starts with Nick, Adalind, Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank and Wu, all taking a look at the mirror where Nick and Eve saw the freaky skull face. Diana imparts some knowledge on them, that first off this isn’t something they can handle, and that the mirror leads to another place, and that something is going to happen in the near future that will need to be dealt with in that other place.

After that, Monroe declares they should all follow the buddy system when approaching any mirrors. And Nick decides maybe he doesn’t need to shave after all.


Meanwhile, an a-hole poacher out with his friend drinking and shooting deer, gets what was coming to him.

His friend, after getting sprayed in the dead poacher’s blood, manages to run off and drive into a tree. The next morning, Wu calls Nick because the guy is insisting he saw a monster and is refusing treatment. Nick and Hank arrive and, along with Wu, offer a less skeptical approach and ask the man to show them where he saw the monster, while also figuring out that he and his friend were illegally poaching and suggesting he may have been the one to shoot his friend.

He’s taken in to the precinct for further questioning but insists his friend was killed by what looked like a walking tree. So Nick and friends hit the book.

Monroe and Rosalee mention a couple possible wesen that act as protectors of their environment, a Curupira and a Leshy, but Hank finds the culprit in his book, a Kinoshimobe, except it’s not quite a wesen, so it doesn’t unwoge.

And he’s about to take another victim, this time a woman who runs a waste management company, and is dumping that waste into the forest.

The Kinoshimobe then drags the dead woman to a giant tree that pulls her underground.

While searching the area where the poacher went missing, Nick notices the same tree, but is called over by Wu who has discovered the waste management truck. They all head back to the precinct to figure out just how many environmental offenders have gone missing over the years, and it’s quite a few. Enough to figure out a general area.

They go to the center of that area, and find the tree Nick had noticed before, and see something pretty freaky.

That’s a lot of people who were messing with the forest and aren’t anymore. Back at the spice shop, Wu shows the group just who some of those faces belong to, and Rosalee mentions the tree could be a Jubokko, and that they feed on people. They deduce that the Kinoshimobe and the Jubokko are in a symbiotic relationship with the goal of protecting their forest home. And even though Monroe, rightfully, feels like they’re just protecting their home, Nick decides to be a cop and not a Grimm this time and put a stop to the killing of people.


Rosalee helps concoct a substance that will appear toxic but is harmless to trick the Kinoshemobe into showing itself. But it doesn’t work, and when Rosalee heads over with something a bit more harmful seeming, she accidentally damages her car, and leaks oil, causing real damage and getting the Kinoshimobe’s attention.

With the Kinoshimbe now absorbed into the Jubokko, it looks like it’s case closed. Nick adds an entry into the Grimm books, and Monroe suggests the Jubokko may have taken in the Kinoshimobe to protect it rather than feed on it.

And Monroe and Rosalee deciede it’s time to repaint their ceiling.

In other happenings, Renard gets a call from his acquaintance in Siberia who tells him the drawings tell of something that could be from the future, and that if Diana drew it, he should keep an eye on her. Also, she speaks English, so there’s no subtitles for half of this conversation.

In happenings with the mirror, Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve go back to the spice shop to take a look at the mirror that the arm came out from to grab Eve by the throat. It’s still coated in blood but then it starts bleeding, and Monroe decides that’s enough of that.


If only the forests could really protect themselves like that. None of the people who it killed weren’t purposefully trying to harm it. It was self defense.

So apparently, these mirrors are possibly a doorway into another dimension whatever conflict is happening could take place there, rather than here.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Eve just saving the day and then making pancakes and cookies.

Looks like Renard might be teaming up with the good guys in the end, especially if it means protecting his daughter, and not being haunted for choosing the wrong side.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and non-wesen creature info from Grimm Wiki)