There is a reason my avatar is a lady doing her nails. I have a super-extensive collection and I love doing my nails. Sometimes, when I feel up to it, I'll try to do some nail art. But my work is always crap to people who can actually draw. So I will showcase some amazing talent today! I'll also try to make sure the photos are appropriately attributed when I can (if they are not watermarked.)

Also, i have no idea how to re size things...?

Calvin And Hobbes Nails

Doctor Who Nails

Game of Thrones Nails

Super Hero Nails

I am always in awe of artistic skill when I see it. Nails are tiny, tiny canvases but you'd be amazed what some of these fine folks can put on them!


(Also, bonus points if you can find the one you think I did. I'm proud of it, but it doesn't really compare to the others!)