On Friday’s Grimm, Hank gets a temporary partner, Nick has a new house guest, and another member of the mysterious wesen society is encountered. Spoilers after the break.

The episode opens in an office, where the boss is discovering some accounting discrepancies and goes to tell an employee also working late.

If the employee looks familiar, it might be because it’s Phil from Better Off Ted!

So even though the character’s name on Grimm is Paul Wemlinger, I’ll be referring to him as Phil. Hope no one minds.


Just as the boss is about to call in the possible embezzlement, Phil runs in with a folder, saying he knows who’s behind it. The boss looks through the folder and tells him there’s nothing there, which is the last thing he gets to do. Phil woges, revealing himself as a Quijada Vil, and proceeds to rip the boss to shreds, making it clear he’s the one stealing the money.

He then calmly de-woges and calls 911 to not calmly report that his boss has been killed.

As this happens, Nick is called out of Adalind and Kelly’s room by Rosalee. He lets her know he plans to let Adalind stay at his home after she’s discharged, and Rosalee offers to help set up the place. Then he talks to the group about what happened with Chavez. He lets them know she was killed, but that she had Trubel’s knight, so she must have known where she was, and it’s too bad she died before being able to tell him.

They decide to go back to where Nick and Chavez fought off the vicious wesen, only to find the whole place has been scrubbed. All the bodies are gone, and the blood cleaned up. Luckily, they did a really bad paint job trying to cover up the 4 claw symbol. And the paint is still wet so Hank is able to wipe some of it off. Monroe smartly suggests they leave before someone tries to paint over them.

As they drive off, Meisner steps out of the shadows, probably annoyed that he’ll have to paint over the symbol again.

After getting to work, Hank stops by the Captain’s office to let him know Adalind had the baby and he’s healthy. They both remark that maybe he’s better off not knowing how he came to be. Then Rendard lets Hank know he’s going to have a new partner, while Nick is “taking some time”. Detective Pogue is also temporarily without his regular partner, and he shows up just in time to head to a crime scene.

Phil tells them two masked men came in and killed the boss, but surveillance cameras don’t show anyone else coming into the building. I would have loved it if Det. Pogue quietly turned to Hank and suggested Phil was a wesen, but instead Wu and Hank have their suspicions while Pogue doesn’t see the guy as a vicious killer capable of what happened to his boss, even if his story is suspect.


They also talk to the assistant, who says that everyone got along fine, and she can’t believe what happened.

The next morning, Monroe is helping set up a mobile for the baby, while Nick gets Adalind and Kelly to bring home from the hospital.

Adalind is grateful for the help, and as Rosalee helps her up to the guest room, Monroe suggests to Nick that he move somewhere else, since a lot of bad things have happened in this house, and also everyone seems to know the address. Not a bad idea, and Nick agrees.

Before she goes to sleep, Nick fills in Adalind on what happened to Juliette, and Adalind seems genuinely sorry, but is probably also a little relieved that there won’t be any more attempts on her life (at least not from a super powerful hexenbiest).

The next day, Nick lets Adalind know hes decided to sell the house, while making sandwiches (turns out she’s allergic to tomatoes).

Apparently, Nick knows his way around a sandwich. He then gets a call from Hank, asking if he can come to the precinct and watch the interrogation from behind the mirror and confirm if Phil is wesen.


As Hank and Pogue are heading to the room, Wu catches up and lets them know that Phil’s fingerprint got a hit, for embezzling in California under a different name (and with a beard).

Pogue might not think Phil is a killer, but he’s starting to trust Hank’s “gut feeling” a bit more now. During the questioning, Hank grabs Phil and pushes him against the mirror, whispering he knows he’s wesen. Phil woges to check if Hank can see him, and of course he doesn’t, but Nick did.

But just as Nick fills in Hank on what wesen they’re dealing with, some US Marshalls shows up, and take him, for that embezzlement thing. Nick runs out and tries to warn them that Phil is more dangerous than he seems, but they think it’s just a joke because they’re stuck on babysitting duty.

Renard warns Nick that he can’t show up at work or he’ll risk getting fired. But he’ll put in a call to the Marshalls that Phil has death threats against them so they’ll beef up security.

While this is going on, Adalind tells Rosalee that hexenbiest suppressant potion she took won’t last forever, and she’s concerned that once she’s back to normal (for her), she and Nick might not get along so well. So she wants to not be a hexenbiest anymore.

A topic for another day. As they talk, there’s a knock on the door, and it turns out to be the FBI. So when Nick gets home after trying to warn the US Marshals, he gets to talk to the FBI about Chavez, who has gone missing.

He’s able to alibi out, saying he was at the hospital for the birth of his son, even though he was actually with Chavez when she was killed. The agents tell him if he’s hiding anything they’ll find out, and also congratulations on having a baby.


Adalind is concerned about what would happen to her and Kelly if Nick isn’t around, and also suggests that their baby could be a cool Grimm-hexenbiest hybrid, which would be the best thing ever.

The US Marshals find out the hard way that they should have listened to Nick’s warning, and the death threat call that Renard put in was too late, since they agreed to let Phil take a bathroom break at a gas station before getting on the 405 (where they’d probably be stuck for hours and hours). Phil has left a bloody scene, but also revealed himself as part of something bigger with the 4 claw mark.

Hank leave Pogue at the crime scene, and secretly works with Nick again. They get a lead from a tech, who reports that every time Phil stole money he made a call and it’s been triangulated to an address, which turns out to be that of his co-worker, Betty Frame. They have a bunch of computers set up doing suspicious looking things, and then Phil woges and takes Betty hostage.

He takes her to another room, and then runs out the fire escape. Nick and Hank chase him, but he’s pretty strong and agile and manages to escape them. But he doesn’t escape Sgt. Wu, who skips all that fighting stuff and just shoots him.

Nick and Hank go back up to Betty’s apartment to find her deleting files. There’s even a picture of Renard in one of them, looks like from his press conference on the “Jack the Ripper” killer.

Then she woges, revealing herself as a Drang-Zorn, says “not even a Grimm can stop what’s coming” and then jumps out a window, killing herself rather than being captured for questioning.

The case is closed, with Hank suggesting to Pogue that Betty killed herself because Phil was her lover and with him gone, she felt she had nothing to live for.


Back at the spice shop basement, the gang search the books for the 4 claw symbol but nothing so far.

Later, Nick is at home looking at his son while Adalind sleeps.

As we leave his house, which now has a for sale sign up, we got back to the secret headquarters of the group Chavez was in, and see Meisner coming out of a room with some creature in it, looking like he was in a fight but saying it went better this time.

Update (11/14/15): now in gif from dailygrimm.tumblr

I hope he put Diana up some place safe, and also plans to return her to Adalind. Or is he using her to help with whatever this group is doing?

Other notes:

Part of Nick’s decision to move involves finding a dress of Juliette’s and reliving the moment. I wonder if Bitsie gets paid for those flashback clips.


I’d like Adalind to get her powers back and keep them. She can be a better asset to the group but also protect Kelly better.

What did you all think of this episode?

Gifs from: dailygrimm.tumblr, guintolid.tumblr, hexenhardt.tumblr.

Wesen names (and correct spelling of them) from Grimm Wiki.

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