On Friday's Grimm, Renard is still dealing with not so phantom bullet wounds, Juliette is still unhappy with being a hexenbiest and the wesen community in general, and Nick, Hank and Wu are put on the trail of some cold blooded killers who just want to sleep through the winter. Spoilers after the break.

First, Renard gets home after receiving a beating from Kenneth in the previous episode, and is confronted by Juliette, who asks what happened to him, but doesn't really seem that concerned, and is mostly looking to use him. And it seems after the rough night he's had, Sean is ok with that. After all, he's only human, half anyway, and if he's going to get roughed up it might as well be fun.

So unfortunately, that preview scene wasn't some kind of fake out, but since he wakes up alone later, it looks like it was just a one (or two) time thing.

He checks himself in the mirror, and notices the bullet holes reappearing again, and punches the mirror in frustration. And then things get really weird.

That last part at least wasn't quite as real as the bleeding bullet holes. Sadly, that's all the Renard we get for this episode, but some seriously weird mojo happening, so here's hoping his mom comes back to help fix it.


After their hookup, Juliette asks Renard where to find Adalind so she can kill her. After saying good idea" he tells her what hotel she's staying at and Juliette gives it a pretty good effort.

Now that she's pregnant, Adalind needs some new clothes, and Kenneth insists she have an escort to go shopping with her. Juliette spots her and is able to pull down a gargoyle statue from above, without even having to woge by the way, and almost kills Adalind but the escort saves her. As they say, 3rd try's the charm. And it's more than enough to scare Adalind into demanding that Kenneth kill Juliette first. But he correctly guesses that she's probably on the outs with Nick and might be useful in bringing Nick's mom back to town, along with Diana.

While this is going on, Nick and Hank get called on a new case. A woman was killed while on the phone with her daughter, who called 911. A man had come to her door claiming his car broke down (which is true, since we saw it happen), and he's cold and wants to come inside. Heeding her daughter's good advice, rather than just let him in she offers to call him a tow truck, and then he gets mad, and breaks in through a different door. And sadly for the mom, he's wesen.

His bite seems to freezer her solid, which is how Nick, Hank and Wu find her. They talk to the daughter, and actually manage to find the guy in some woods and apprehend him, after Nick gets a look at him in woged form.

Then they learn that when this wesen doesn't steal warmth from someone they freeze to death, much like their victims. So it's off to the trailer to find out what they're dealing with, and it turns out there's more than one wesen that can freeze people but none that match what Nick saw.


So they head to the spice shop because Nick remembers Monroe once mentioning some kind of wesen that can freeze people.

Earlier in the episode, Monroe was working on a clock when he started having flashbacks from when the wesenrein kidnapped him, held him prisoner, beat him and were about to kill him. He starts shaking so badly that he can't even work on the clock and woges out just when Rosalee gets home. But they talk it over, like a normal couple in a healthy relationship (looking at you pretty much everyone else on the show). She even impresses him with some clock metaphors.

Sadly, things are about to get sideways. After Nick shows up, Monroe confirms that the wesen they're dealing with is a Varme Tyv, a species that is cold blooded and normally during the winter, they hybernate sharing body heat with each other, but if they can't they need warmth from a human to restore their own, and it's only temporary.

And then Juliette shows up, asking for help, telling them that there were side effects from restoring Nick's powers and she's losing herself. Then Nick walks in and that cat is out of the bag.

This promo video covers pretty much all the Juliette stuff, and in case you can't view it, there are reaction shot stills below that.

So Juliette has finally shown Monroe and Rosalee what she is, and their shock is understandable, but they still want to help, but sadly Juliette considers everyone to have at least some blame in what happened to her. Which is somewhat fair since Rosalee and Monroe provided the ingredients to Renard's mom to make the potion, but hopefully she comes to her senses and remains friends with everyone.


Back to the ice cold case, the broken down car has been found, and evidence that there were 3 people, so they're off to find the other 2, with Monroe coming along to help. One of them unsuccessfully tries to steal the heat from a nurse who offers him a ride, but she manages to escape and he freezes to death. The third one, Sven, hails a cab and then takes the driver's heat and car.

They figure out where the hibernation will take place, and make sure the coast is clear before heading to the house.

They then find the hibernaculum. Which is...where they hibernaculate.

In addition to Sven, who has identification-friendly tattoos, they accidentally wake up the other couple dozen and end up on the run, hiding out in a barn.

Lucky for them, they don't only have to keep them off long enough for them to start freezing. But since they got the one they were after, and maybe also don't want a barn-load of frozen bodies to explain, they put the back in the hibernaculum and then agree that they were never there. And neither was Sven, as his frozen body is placed back in the stolen cab and left on a regular street to be found, by a possibly traumatized bystander.

All's well that ends well. Except for Nick, who ends on a down note, recalling that his aunt Marie had warned him to break up with Juliette for both their sake, and sitting alone at home staring at a picture of him and Juliette from happier, pre-Grimm, times.


Very glad that Rosalee and Monroe know about Juliette, but was hoping it would be more of a "hey check this out, pretty cool, right?" moment, rather than a "I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for all of you" moment, even if that sentiment is technically true. Still, she needs to get over that and remember that these are her friends.


Aunt Marie was right. If they had broken up in season one, Adalind wouldn't have been able to trick Nick into sleeping with her to steal his powers in the first place. Then again, Juliette has helped out on a few cases, and was also helpful in getting Monroe back from the wesenrein and saving Nick from potentially being killed by that Manticore. And she has cool powers now, so maybe Aunt Marie wasn't right after all.

Don't go into the light, or those arms reaching for you, Renard!

It was refreshing to see a would-be victim actually manage to get away on their own, when the nurse escaped from being frozen.


Juliette's trick with the gargoyle was just like her pepper shaker incident, once she set it in motion, she didn't need to be there for it to keep moving. She's getting impressively powerful.

Can't wait for next week's, but I wish they'd devote more time to the royal family and hexenbiest stuff and less to the case of the week. I'm sure the case of the week helps in case a new viewer wants to jump in, but it's season 4 now, give us more arc.

What did you all think?

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