Nick learns more about the organization Trubel works for, and the Black Claw, and also gets called in to help out on a case outside his jurisdiction, and calls in some help of his own to deal with it. Spoilers after the break.

There are 2 main stories, Nick learning more about what Trubel, Meisner and Eve are up to, and a legendary lake monster that might actually be real. But first, Nick fills in Renard, Wu and Hank on his meeting with Eve and what happened. And after mentioning Meisner, Renard tells Nick he was part of the resistance.

They have pictures of the guy Eve (the hexenbiest formerly known as Juliette) killed, and the 2 body guards Nick took out, but no idea who they are. Luckily, Trubel shows up at the station and tells them. Names, where they’re from, what they do, all the good stuff. Then she invites Nick for a tour of the secret headquarters her, Meisner and Eve have been staying in.

After meeting in the same tunnel she met Meisner in last week, they take an elevator and Nick gets the tour. As Meisner explains, they’re well funded but he doesn’t know by who, and they’re working for a branch of the federal government but don’t try to find out which one because they don’t exist. They also seem to have cameras everywhere, and every gets a bunker style room to stay in.

And it doesn’t take to long for them to identify their new visitor from his face. This is Trubel’s room by the way. Not very spacious but pretty cool otherwise.

Nick then gets to talk to Eve again, who explains part of what he was being tested on is if he would let his emotions cloud his judgement. She reminds him again that she’s not Juliette, and tells him her only regret is that he didn’t get to bury Juliette, who once again isn’t her.

Nick then gets a tour of their command center, and is told that what the Black Claw wants is a world ruled by wesen. Meisner shows him a map of all the hot spots of their activity, which is basically all the places in real life where bad things are happening, but on this show it’s caused by wesen.

For the last part of the tour, Nick is shown to a spot where his mother has been given a proper burial, after her body and head were recovered by Chavez’s team.

In another part of Oregon, a couple is driving to Diamond Lake, where they’ve rented a boat to do some fishing. This lake is known for being home to a local legend.

After they’re out on the water, and the husband has caught a fish, his wife spots something big in the water. And since she’s had her phone out taking pictures the whole time, she takes one that might actually be useful.

The husband’s reaction when it comes back around is to fire every bullet in the gun he brought at it.

After that doesn’t work, the lake monster knocks the boat and he ends up in the water, and then he ends up dead.

The brothers who rented the boat run out to the lake after hearing her continued screaming, and are met by the lake monster, who unwoges and demands his money.

It turns out the shop owner brothers, Wayne and Oliver, had been paying him to woge, swim in the lake so people see him, and the legend grows. Plus they happen to sell souvenirs of the creature. He’s not supposed to actually hurt anyone but decided to kill the guy after he started shooting at him, and considered it self defense. So after he leaves, they call 911. Back at the shop, Oliver is feeling very guilty for what happened but Wayne feels it’s not their fault. And then a reporter comes in to rent a boat and her camera man starts buying souvenirs.

And now they’re on the news. Which could be good for business.

After Nick is back at the precinct from his tour of secret headquarters, Renard calls him and Hank into his office to show them the very same news report.

It seems Nick and Hank have earned a reputation for closing some weird cases, so the Diamond Lake police have asked for their help. Hank suggests the wife could have shot her husband and blamed it all on the lake monster, but they’re both open to the idea there’s something wesen-related going on.

After they talk to her, the man who killed her husband stops by to tell her he heard what happened and he’s sorry. At least he seems to feel bad about it.


Once they enter the boat rental store and see business is booming after the stories of the lake monster killing someone, Nick and Hank have some more possible suspects.

And then they get confirmation that it’s wesen-related, when Oliver drops a mug and woges, revealing himself as a Luissant-Pecheur.

So they decide to head to the Spice Shop and see if there’s anything in the books that resemble the picture the wife of the victim took.


But before Nick and Hank get there, Trubel stops by for a visit, and after a group hug, fills in Monroe and Rosalee on what she knows about the Black Claw and her group’s efforts to stop them.

After she’s left, Nick shows up and Monroe and Rosalee tell him Trubel stopped by and also said she needs their help, in addition to Nick’s. Which is good, because I was starting to wonder why they’d want to recruit Nick but not Monroe, Rosalee, or especially Renard. Or even humans who know about wesen and can deal with them like Hank and Wu. Then they identify the lake monster as a Wasser Zahne.

Nick figures the brothers are working with him to drum up business, and asks Trubel to help. Which is good because Wayne has decided to ask the monster to get back out there and kill someone else because it’s good for business. So before Nick can get back to Diamond Lake, the monster kills a kid who went for a swim in the lake at night, because a girl he liked told him too. I’d like to pause for a minute here and just point out how stupid it is for anyone to get into that lake, especially at night, after someone was just killed in it the other day. Seriously stupid.

So we have a second victim, and business is booming even more for the boat rental and souvenir shop, and now there’s an armed boating mob forming.

But Nick and Hank can’t arrest anyone so he asks Trubel for help. The brothers have received a call from the monster, who wants half of all their merchandise money, by midnight. Wayne decides they’ll give it to him but then shoot him and claim he tried to rob them. Which is when Trubel shows up at the shop after hours and pretends to be a bounty hunter who also happens to be a grimm.

After scaring both brothers, and snatching a gun from Wayne after warning him not to do anything stupid, Wayne tells her the monster’s real name is Logan Cobb and it was all his idea. If she shows up at 11:30, she can get her bounty. Once she has a name Trubel lets Nick know and they find that he has a few priors, mostly violent.

Then Wayne meets Logan at a bar and tells him his brother Oliver hired a girl to kill him, so he should kill Oliver. I think we know who the real monster is in this.

Since Nick, Hank and Trubel have been staking out the shop, they see Logan show up early, and when Trubel asks what she should do, Nick makes it clear that Logan has killed 2 so far but can’t be arrested since he did it while woge’d. Trubel gets the message and goes in after them. As you can see in this clip.

For anyone unable to view this, Wayne does his best to get both Logan and his own brother Oliver killed, but Trubel takes care of Logan, by breaking his neck.

Wayne still tries to pay Trubel to kill Oliver, but Nick and Hank show up to arrest the brothers. Wayne makes a run for it, and woges and dives into the lake.

And then he gets shot by the boat mob.

Case closed. Hank implies that the reason Wayne may have gone for swim at night was to make people think he was the monster to drum up business. And the other guy with the broken neck found in the lake will just have to remain a mystery.

Time to go back to Portland.

Now leaving Diamond Lake.

There was another side story, about the guy running for Mayor. Renard was practicing his endorsement speech with Rachel Wood, who was there when Renard filmed a commercial for the candidate. After making some suggested changes to his speech, she says they may need to run through it a few times, wink wink (she practically says the words “wink, wink”).

And Renard doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

It would be nice if she’s just a regular person who doesn’t have any ulterior motives, but just happens to find the guy charming and attractive, like most people seem to. So here’s hoping.


I’m glad that whatever organization Meisner works for doesn’t just want Nick, because most of the main cast would be valuable allies, including Hank and Wu, not just because they already know about wesen but because they’re also cops.


Diamond Lake is real, but the monster legend doesn’t seem to be. Looks like a nice place though.

There was another side story about someone who knows Rosalee sending her letters and planning to visit, who was apparently an ex. I don’t really remember the details of that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up having to do with the Black Claw or the secret government agency fighting them.

While I like the character, it was nice to get a break from Adalind because I don’t like where they’re going with her and Nick.

What did you all think?

(Woge Gif, character and wesen names courtesy of the Grimm Wiki).

(Eve gifs courtesy of guintolid.tumblr)