Friday’s Grimm picks up right where the previous episode ended, with Nick extremely pissed off, and ready to go after Black Claw hard. Spoilers after the break.

Nick starts off by crumpling the note Adalind left him and dropping it to the ground.

Then he angrily throws a chair, and then declares it’s not happening this way, and starts by calling Hank to get some help. But Hank doesn’t hear his phone because it’s in his jacket pocket, on a chair, while he’s upstairs with Zuri in her bedroom.

After getting Hank’s voicemail, Nick leaves his home to go looking for Renard, but finds it emptied out.

That’s because he’s been moved to a much nicer and bigger and more secure home, courtesy of Black Claw, although he also has more security because the mayoral candidate he’s replacing was assassinated. And pulling up to that home is a cab.

If this is a real cab company, that’ s a great concept.

Adalind gets out of the cab, and makes her way to the house, where she’s greeted by Renard. When he asks why she didn’t just take her car, she makes it clear she’s not giving up Nick’s location and took multiple cabs over. So she really is trying to protect him. But Diana isn’t there yet, so now Renard and Adalind have a chance to talk about how things are going to go, if he wins the election or if he loses.

Back on the Wu Werewolf Watch, the Sgt. is home and decides to induce a transformation by throwing around and breaking a bunch of his stuff and then hitting a wall. Once he starts to change, he faces himself in the mirror, and calms himself down and gets himself to turn back. Eat your heart out, Bruce Banner! The beast is under control, and just in time, because he could prove very useful against Black Claw.

Back at their new home, Black Claw brings Diana over, and she’s introduced to her brother for the first time. After asking if she can hold him, and being told no, she does it anyway, with her powers.

Back at Zuri’s, while Hank is asleep, she sneaks downstairs and hands his phone off to Tony, the wesen who previously tried to harass Rosalee before his fingers were each broken by Adalind when her powers came back. To be honest, I didn’t realize that’s what those things on his fingers were, I thought they were some high tech glove he got from Black Claw. Anyway, he hooks up Hank’s phone to a laptop in his car, and then gets all his contact info, e-mail, texts, etc.

While Hank is being the unknown victim of identity theft, Nick goes to see Monroe and Rosalee, fills them in on what happened, and they manage to make him realize that he can’t just go after Renard while he’s a mayoral candidate and being provided with security. They agree to meet Nick after going out the back so they’re not followed, and Nick takes care of the Black Claw agents following him, quickly and permanently.


Then they’re off to HW, where they meet with Trubel, Meisner, and Eve, and are shown an organizational chart of Black Claw, with Renard now near the top, since he’s likely going to be mayor.

Unknown is likely Mr. Bonaparte

Nick wants to go after Renard, but Meisner and Eve try to warn him against acting rashly and/or stupidly Trubel wants to help Nick, and while Meisner won’t approve that, he does tells her to keep an eye on him.


After getting Diana settled in for the night, Renard and Adalind talk outside her room and find themselves holding hands, but neither of them meant to. It turns out Diana is trying to parent trap them, but with magic instead of a twin sister.

In her really nice room, Adalind makes it clear to Renard that they’re not getting back together, and magically hurls a vase at him, and then closes and locks the door with her telekinesis after kicking him out, making it clear she’s only in this to have her kids with her.

She meets up with Nick back at his home and offers any help he needs, just as Nick gets a call from Renard, asking to meet someplace neutral, the Portland Police station, so they can talk. Nick agrees, and even turns out Trubel’s offer to kill him so it won’t go back to Nick.

Renard tries to convince Nick that Black Claw’s revolution is inevitable and that as a Grimm, he’s one of them and part of their world. He tells Nick that if they work together they can keep the bloodshed to a minimum, but Nick isn’t having it. He also tries to remind Nick that he wasn’t given much of a choice when he had to let Kelly take Diana, but again Nick isn’t being convinced. Some of which can be seen in the promo clip for the episode

Back at Zuri’s, Tony brings Hank’s phone back in, but makes 2 mistakes. He puts it in the wrong pocket, and left the door open so the air slams it shut, making enough noise to wake up Hank and bring him down, leading to a fight and Tony being arrested. After a search, Hank recovers the laptop from his car and takes it to the station.

After coming back from his meeting with Renard, Nick decides to show Trubel what he and Monroe found in the Black Forest. After explaining how the stick cured Monroe’s infected bite, and the words for miracle and also hazardous being written on the cloth, he then shows Trubel where it’s hidden, and tells her if anything happens to him, she’ll know where it is, but he doesn’t want Black Claw or even HW to know about it.

“You tell me after I pick it up it also says perilous?!”

Thanks to some help from Wu, who’s now back at work, Hank finds out that his phone was hacked. And after confirming that Tony is Black Claw, because he knows not to woge in front of Nick, Hank and Nick identify the type of wesen with the books at the spice shop, and when Hank mentions his name was Tony, Rosalee figures out it’s the same Tony who was harassing her until Adalind broke his fingers. Then they being to suspect that Zuri is also working for Black Claw, and a trap is set. As seen in the clip, which also includes an announcement of a landslide victory for mayor-elect Sean Renard, Zuri’s interrogation by Eve, Bonaparte on the phone with someone saying they can track Zuri to get HW’s location, and Nick’s reaction to seeing Renard bring his family out on the stage.

And based on the look Diana gives Rachel at 3:25, her prospects aren’t looking so good. Maybe Diana doesn’t like her dad sleeping with other women besides Adalind...

And we’ll be getting a big showdown next week, with a 2 hour finale (although it sounds like 2 episodes back to back).


They need to have a scene where Wu locks himself in a room with a bunch of Black Claw agents, and then walks out 5 minutes later. Glad to see he has control of his inner Wu-Wolf now, he’ll need that.

Hank seemed to take it in stride when Zuri turned out to be a traitor, good for him.

There’s a moment where Trubel asks Eve what Juliette would think of what’s going on, and she says she doesn’t go there, too dangerous. Maybe next week we’ll see her go there...

I wonder if the stick is powerful enough to be hazardous to the entirety of Black Claw...

What did you all think?