The season 5 premiere of Grimm picks up right where season 4 ended, and goes full throttle into a new mystery for Nick to uncover. If you’d like a refresher on season 4, you can read my recap or get a recap of all 4 seasons from Bud. Spoilers after the break.

Season 5 starts with Nick holding a dead Juliette, shot with a crossbow by Trubel, just as FBI agent Chavez, acting on behalf of a secretive and mysterious wesen group, bursts in. Her agents nab Trubel, and when Nick tries to stop them he gets drugged with what is presumably chloroform.

Then we see him at Juliette’s funeral, except it’s looking like a dream because Trubel is somehow there Oh, and also it’s in black and white

But in case it’s not clear it’s a dream, here’s some floating boxes with his mom’s head in them, and a room full of caskets.

Here’s a clip of the invasion of Nick’s home (the funeral is in color, but in the actual episode, it was black & white).

Nick is woken by a phone ringing, and it’s Hank calling to check on him. Nick tells Hank that Juliette is dead, but also that whoever came in and drugged him also took Juliette’s body, Trubel’s crossbow, and his mom’s head.

Nick suspects Chavez’s involvement and decides to go confront her. While he drives recklessly to the FBI building, Hank heads back to the precinct to fill in Sgt Wu and Captain Renard on what Nick has told him.

Renard makes it clear that if they’re going to do any background checks on an FBI agent, he doesn’t want it done from the precinct, and suggests Hank and Wu find Nick before he does anything rash. But it’s too late.

Nick storms into the FBI building and confronts agent Chavez.

It goes as well as expected when you loudly accuse an FBI agent of taking your mother’s head.

After being dragged out, Nick calls Hank to see if he’s found out anything about Chavez. Instead, Hank tells him he needs to come in because Wu has a report of 911 calls due to people across the street from Nick being dead from home invasions. As Wu points out, the Royals weren’t too concerned with collateral damage.

Nick goes into the precinct, but by then, Agent Chavez has called Captain Renard to let him know one of his detectives made a scene at the FBI office, and if he does something like that again, he’ll be arrested on federal charges. The Captain’s suggestion that Nick take some time, just sends him more over the edge.

Nick gets back home, thinks he hears Juliette, and takes enough time to think about her to realize he’s rather keep himself occupied with finding out what Chavez is involved in.

So he does a background check and gets her home address. Hank realizes that he and Wu could use some help, so they head over to the spice shop to talk to Monroe and Rosalee. Wu gets the same home address and Monroe offers to go talk to Nick, so it’ll be less official then if Hank or Wu do it. Nick lets him know the offer of help is appreciated, but he needs to do this next thing alone.

Sanchez, before stopping home, visits some secret facility, where there seem to be some wesen detainees.

After looking in one of the doors, she talks to another member of her secret group.

Surprise, it’s Mesiner! Last seen pushing the king out of a helicopter and overthrowing the Royals, while also rescuing Diana. Apparently, whatever this is, it’s either part of the resistance movement or he just likes to keep busy by being in different secret groups.

Sanchez stops off at home, where Nick is waiting to have another talk.

This time he gets her to woge, and once he’s confirmed she’s wesen, knocks her out.

ETA: and here it is in gif form (thanks to Grimm Wiki).

And brings her to the spice shop for some interrogating.

Chavez isn’t saying much, she won’t say she took Trubel, but also doesn’t deny it, and tells the gang she can’t say too much. Just then, Nick gets a call from Bud, because Adalind has gone into labor and they’re at the hospital. After being assured they’ll look after Chavez, Nick heads to the hospital, with Rosalee keeping him company.


The two meet up with Bud at reception, who is his usual charmingly panicked self. Luckily, the nurse speaks “Bud”.

There’s complications and Adalind ends up needing a c-section. Which works out for Nick since Chavez just set up a meeting with her people and Nick has to leave right now. Rosalee offers to stick around and insists Nick go find out what’s going on.


Nick and Chavez arrive at an abandoned building, and find the people she was supposed to meet are dead. Just then, Nick hears trouble from above, and pushes Chavez out of the way as a wesen attacker drops down. A fight ensues,and Nick and Chavez take on a few wesen each. Nick manages to stab one in the brain and chases after another one, who escapes in a car. As he heads back in, Nick sees a mark that looks like 4 claws on the wall.

Chavez takes out 2 or 3 of the wesen but one of them gets a lucky slash and guts her. Nick is about to call for help but she tells him to stop because he can’t be tied to the scene.

When Chavez’s phone rings, Nick answers (after borrowing her fingerprint to unlock it), and gets Meisner on the other line. After filling him in on what happened, he’s told to hold on to that phone. Now that they’re phone buddies, maybe Meisner can let Nick know the Royals won’t be a problem anymore and that Diana is still in Portland, but I guess not today.

Once all that is as settled as it’s going to get for now, Nick heads back to the hospital where Adalind and the baby are both doing well. And Nick lets her know he’s going to help raise their son. They’re both being pretty mature considering all the animosity there’s been between them, and doing the right thing for the baby’s sake.

And we end on this lovely moment, which I will admit made me tear up a little.

Well, not quite. We then get a nice view of the city, before something claws right through the screen, OMG! Letting us know what’s in store for this season.

And if you want to know more of what’s in store, here’s the season 5 preview.

It seems there’s a group of wesen not concerned about keeping themselves a secret, and Portland is in for a big ol’ mess.

What did you all think?

(Gifs from Guintolid on Tumblr, except the one from Grimm Wiki)

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