Madness isn’t limited to March and December! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, so I’ll be shamelessly copying UkuleleDan’s approach to determining that Die Hard is the best Christmas movie. Except that instead of Christmas movies, wild species of canids and felids will be going paw-to-paw to see which one is the greatest/cutest/bestest/whichever criteria you use to vote!

I’ve completed series on both felids (Caturday) and canids (Wednesday Woof), and it was from these series that I put together the contenders. Again, you can use any personal criteria you want to decide which animal to vote for - I personally will be using cuteness and overall awesomeness. I recommend perusing the posts about each animal and looking at as many pictures of them as you can find, especially the babies!

[Click to embiggen]

The very, very nebulous categories for this Madness are Foxes, Biggish Dogs, Mostly Biggish Cats, and Smallish Cats. Match-ups were decided completely at random. Round 1 regional polls are below, and the overall schedule is as follows:

Round 2: Tuesday, January 12

Sweet 16: Thursday, January 14

Elite 8: Tuesday, January 19

Final Four: Thursday, January 21

Championship: Tuesday, January 26

Mostly Biggish Cats

Tiger vs. Serval

Iberian Lynx vs. Cougar

Jaguar vs. Geoffrey’s Cat

Leopard vs. Rusty-spotted Cat

Eurasian Lynx vs. Snow Leopard

Jungle Cat vs. Cheetah

Lion vs. Canada Lynx

Clouded Leopard vs. African Golden Cat

Biggish Dogs

Chilla vs. Gray Wolf

Golden Jackal vs. Dingo

African Wild Dog vs. Raccoon Dog

Bush Dog vs. Coyote

Red Wolf vs. Side-striped Jackal

Black-backed Jackal vs. Short-eared Dog

Ethiopian Wolf vs. Maned Wolf

Mexican Wolf vs. Dhole

See you next week for Round 2!