January Madness is off to an exciting start! The closest match-up of the first round was definitely the Ethiopian Wolf vs. the Maned Wolf, but the Maned Wolf squeaked by and will be part of the Sweet Sixteen round! A couple of rounds ended with surprising results - the Iberian Lynx easily beat the Cougar and there was a big show of support for the Raccoon Dog over the African Wild Dog. And things are just going to get more interesting!

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Before we get into Round 2's match-ups, just a reminder of the schedule:

Sweet 16: Thursday, January 14

Elite 8: Tuesday, January 19

Final Four: Thursday, January 21

Championship: Tuesday, January 26

Remember, you can use any criteria you wish to vote. Take some time to click on the posts for each contender for a description of the animal and to see additional pictures! And if you feel moved to make campaign posts making the case for your particular favorite, then so be it.

Smallish Cats

Ocelot vs. Jaguarundi

Black-footed Cat vs. Fishing Cat

European Wildcat vs. Marbled Cat

Bobcat vs. Asian Golden Cat

Pallas Cat vs. Caracal

Margay vs. Kodkod

Oncilla vs. Sand Cat

African Wildcat vs. Leopard Cat


Pale Fox vs. Swift Fox

Hoary Fox vs. Gray Fox

Kit Fox vs. Arctic Fox

Red Fox vs. Ruppell’s Fox

Tibetan Fox vs. Indian Fox

Fennec Fox vs. Culpeo

Crab-eating Fox vs. Bat-eared Fox

Island Fox vs. Corsac

See you all for Sweet Sixteen!