This month we’re trying to decide which cartoon from the golden age of cartoons had the greatest theme song. We started out with 64 of the best cartoons of the 80's and the 90's, but it’s time to whittle that number down further. So let’s go vote!

That first round was quite the doozy, wasn’t it? There were some seriously difficult choices to be made, and as a result we’ve had a few upsets.


On the 80's side we saw My Little Ponies defeat The Smurfs with an after-poll tie-break. Winnie the Pooh thoroughly defeated Rainbow Brite. And Beetlejuice trounced poor Scooby Doo. Gonna take a lot of Scooby Snacks to get over that upset.

Over on the 90's side it was far less contentious. In fact, there was just a single upset with Daria defeating Pokemon. “Pokemon used theme song. It was ineffective”. And while it wasn’t an upset, it was however a bit upsetting to see that SWAT Cats managed to get only 2 votes total. Pinky and the Brain are a formidable pair indeed.

Click to embiggen. It’s lovely and worth it.

As is always the case with these brackets, each successive round brings more difficult choices to make. Will all of the top seeds survive? Who will be the upsets? Only one way to find out.

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4


  • Round 2: Today
  • Sweet 16: Fri, May 20
  • Elite 8: Mon, May 23
  • Final Four: Wed, May 25
  • Championship: Fri, May 27

Hope everyone is enjoying the contest so far. Happy voting.