It’s the beginning of a new month, so it’s time to check in with the Rewatch Project and give interested parties a chance to sign up.

June was a great month for rewatches. We had several series going strong as well as several new additions, including a couple during the month.

Ghost in the Machine has been telling tales of adventure and romance in the Old West with the rewatch of Brisco County Jr.

Mortal Dictata has been taking us through the gate with twice a week and is now getting into the heart of the second season of Stargate SG-1

uualternate is taking us through the wormhole with Season 1 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

We head into the final frontier 1980s style with DoctorSensible’s rewatch of Season 1 of Star Trek The Next Generation.

KateFromIowa takes us on the hunt for the notorious outlaw Vash The Stamped with a rewatch of the classic anime series Trigun.

Agent Scully continues to hunt for the truth with her X-Files rewatch.

alliterator decided that this looked like a lot of fun and is currently rewatching a show from the beginnings of the UPN network, Nowhere Man.

MarthaJones3.0 will be exploring the roots of Superman with her Smallville rewatch.

That’s what we have coming up this month.There isn’t anything new scheduled for July. But that doesn’t mean someone can’t sign up. First off,please read this post to get the full details and rules.

If you want to take part, just sign up on the spreadsheet.

Thank you to everyone who has been writing and contributing. Lets get it going strong in July and the rest of the summer!