March’s monopoly on madness has been called into question. No longer shall madness be restricted to a single month in the year. It’s time to decide once and for all what the best Christmas classic truly is.

Coming up with the categories and 64 options was quite difficult. Twitter was consulted, and I want to thank the people there who assisted in coming up with this bracket. I fully expect there to be people who question the rankings, the placements, and even the very inclusion of some of these, but it’s about as good as I could make it. Feel free to argue in the comments below.

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The four categories for this bracket are Christmas classics that had a theatrical release, non-theatrical Christmas specials, non-traditional Christmas movies, and the best Christmas episodes to grace our televisions. I tried to limit the TV episodes to just one per show to prevent one or two shows from dominating everything. Thankfully, Firefly didn’t last long enough to get a Christmas episode so we don’t have to worry about that winning either.

The first round of votes are below. You’ll have until noon tomorrow to vote so don’t tarry long. You can find the schedule for the other rounds below.

Traditional Movies Regional

TV Christmas Episodes Regional

The Schedule:

Round 2 - Fri. Dec. 4

Sweet 16 - Mon. Dec. 7

Elite 8 - Wed. Dec. 9

Final Four - Fri. Dec 11

Championship - Mon. Dec. 15

Hope you enjoy this little contest.