The contest to decide which holiday classic is the best holiday classic continues. We’ve settled the traditional films and the television episodes. Now it’s time for round two.

Round one had a few surprises for us. Love Actually was trounced fairly heavily by unexpected favorite, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Perhaps the Jim Carry film is really that popular, or more likely, most people confused it with the animated television special. We also had a tie between Elf and The Santa Clause, and a tie-break vote was held on Twitter giving Elf the victory.

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This time around you’re being asked to decide the best holiday classics among Holiday Specials and Non-Traditional Christmas Movies. I expect there to be some serious debate about the seeding in each category, but that’s perfectly alright. Feel free to debate below. It won’t change anything, but that’s okay as well. Some of the match-ups should be especially difficult to choose between. For example, which Doctor Who special reigns supreme?

Non-Traditional Regional

Christmas Specials Regional


Big 32 - Mon. Dec. 7

Sweet 16 - Wed. Dec. 9

Elite 8 - Fri. Dec. 11

Final Four - Mon. Dec 15

Championship - Wed. Dec. 17

Well, I hope you’re enjoying this contest. Make sure to vote. In this, every vote matters.