4/7/17 Its unanimous! Everyone agrees that Rogue One is worth watching. Even a few cats who are not the biggest fans can’t find a reason not to like the movie. That’s pretty high praise.


And I just bought my copy. I’ll definitely will be watching it this weekend.

Thanks to all you mothertruckers for your opinion. I can count on people here to give their passionate take on any given topic every time.



I haven’t seen this yet and thinking of just buying the blu-ray outright and taking a shot at liking it. I’d like to know from you all who have seen it if it’s worth the price tag.

Good? Not good?

You can either give thumbs up or down and/or give a brief opinion as to why. Of course, without spoilers. Although I have an inkling of what happens to this rebel scum during the course of the movie and up to the end.



Thanks ya’ll.