I promised pictures, and pictures you shall have!

I’m tempted to show my invites, despite how absolutely doxxy they are. It had a Companion Cube, similar to the one on the RSVP on it. They were so friggin’ cute.

More importantly, look how cute we were!

But I know you’re here for the NERD STUFF:

We had lots of little things floating around, like these TARDIS lights on the stage:

Light saber candle-holders:

Periodic light-up coasters for the head table:

Our AMAZING wedding cake:

Which we cut with a SWORD because if there’s one thing every wedding needs, it’s a sword:

A Dalek guarding the bar (we also had a Portal Turret that Chrono gave us but I can’t find a picture :( ):

Then, some fun shots with the wedding party:

And (Thanks to Mythbri, I think, for the idea) we took this:

And thanks to Guanolad (who did the above explosion shots), it became this:

Other random pictures, like my AWESOME brooch bouquet that is still the prettiest thing I will ever own, the incredible vintage Rolls that chaffeured us around (my dream is to be chauffeured around in a vintage Rolls), the Mickey and Minnie cross-stitch I made that became the guestbook (my very first cross-stitch project! I don’t know what “start small” means):

Oh, and as a surprise for RBC I commissioned some art of us as famous couples:

And here, have a bonus of my mom wielding a sword!

*I’d* like to think we put on a fanatstic wedding. Didn’t hear any complaints ;)

It probably helped that it was open bar and everyone got stuffed with food.

:D :D :D