Like any good dead horse-beating, I'll rub it in that I totally missed getting in to Comic-Con. So I hiked around the convention center like some masochistic anthropologist and I recorded some experiences with spontaneous watercolor sketches and pencil.

For example, I posted up in front of the Silver Samurai and tried to bang out a quick recording. I had no decent camera on me. I tried to go back to paint it again but it was covered up. That's why I got at least one painting in, because just like hiking outdoors and creating a Plein Aire study, you might not get back to where you once were. All of what I recorded was pretty much out of utility— I want to get even more facile with my chosen field kit of art supplies while simultaneously becoming better at rendering what I want quicker. Architecture and geometric shapes had been difficult to reconcile painting because they are so complex and static... so much weight. Whereas watercolors are the exact opposite: a nonlinear and intuitive waterbased medium trying to capture linear and mathematical solid architecture.


So I just went gonzo. Nope, pardon me but honeybadgerartist don't give a fuck when rendering in watercolors exactly for that reason because they are so easy and intuitive! I used to think, render tight render tight, Alex Ross Alex Ross...

No, I feel like I thankfully broke myself of any Perfectionism, with this medium at least.

Dribble, splatter, granulation, re-render, expressionism, and lazing around creeping on the interviewer at the NerdHQ at the stadium [who in the world was this lady? I lurked around her for 15 long minutes while trying to paint her nose... she looks like Julie Budet from Yelle].


And how many times did I paint the jackdaw Black Flag ship, parked out behind the convention center?

Answer: I painted the jackdaw Black Flag many times.

Pardon me for not centering the scan, I'd love an oversized scanner paired with an oversized printer. I didn't want to shoot a photo.

There is some satisfying granulation around a couple of these. Speaking of the phenomena of granulation, other artists who read this may like to know that the purple tint I'm using is called "Moonglow" by Daniel Smith. It granulates so aggressively that it splits into 3 colors— royal purple, russet, and blue/grey. It will twiddle and granulate any color it meets.

So there are more drawings without paint in the sketchbook, as well as paintings that are irrelevant to the trip. I might uncork those later. I also do re-renderings where I repaint the painting off-site. Mind you, I know that these artworks are sloppy and meager but the point was to just do the damn thing. And own up to it by posting it here as my adopted community instead of letting it linger anonymously elsewhere or jam it in deviantArt where I don't appreciate too many people there.


Thank you #Odeck for indulging my show-n-tell. I appreciate you as always. If anyone would like to see full non-cropped pics of the jackdaw paintings, I can leave a pic in the comments as well as supply list.