We've known for a while that Funko had acquired the Game of Thrones license for their new range of 6-inch action figures (which will also include Firefly), but now we can get a glimpse of what they'll actually look like - pictures of the first wave have hit eBay, ahead of their reveal at the New York Toy Fair.

The first wave of 6 figures will include Jon Snow, The Hound, Ned Stark, Daenerys in her Dothraki clothes from Season 1 (complete with young Drogon), The Hound, a White Walker - specifically the Walker from Season 2's cliffhanger finalé - and, confirmed by the back of the boxes but absent from this leak, Tyrion Lannister:

Here's a slightly better look at each figure:

Even though this isn't the best look we could have at these figures, being slightly dodgy eBay pictures, they do look pretty neat - lots of cool accessories, great articulation, nice paint apps, decent sculpts - even if the likenesses range from good (Ned and the White Walker), to passable (Dany is a good face but nothing really 'Emilia Clarke' about it), to WTF (The Hound! Jon's jowels!), but it's definitely not a bad showing considering Funko's total inexperience with developing figures of this style in the past.

Definitely makes me excited to see the Legacy Firefly figures now though, in this scale. Firefly x Game of Thrones will be a thing that can happen on your desk! Hooray!

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