Grimm is back, and picking up right where the fall finale left off, with everyone in disbelief over what just happened. Meanwhile, the wesen uprising continues their violent campaign to take over the world. Spoilers after the break.

Last time on Grimm, Nick and friends had been led into a trap, and were badly outnumbered, when someone stepped in and took out the bad guys. That someone looked just like Juliette, but with blonde hair. The gang runs out after her, but she’s already gone, but she left a bunch of wesen uprising corpses lying around. Everyone is in disbelief and the look on Wu’s face says it all.

Nick was sure Juliette had died in his arms, but there she was. So he heads back home to find out if Trubel knows anything about this. Meanwhile, Rosalee calls Hank after being unable to reach Monroe since he dropped his phone and apparently didn’t go back for it even though it was safe now. She’s relieved to find out he and the rest of them are ok, and lets them know she still has Xavier with her.

They ask her to bring the traitorous Xavier to the spice shop so they can question him, Monroe in particular. She lets them know he’s not going anywhere and makes a threatening gesture to keep him scared. Which works fine after the beating she gave him last episode.

Nick gets home, and after Trubel sees it’s him, she puts away the knife she keeps under her pillow and it turns out she’s just as shocked to find out Juliette is still alive.

Well, maybe not exactly as shocked. It turns out Juliette wasn’t completely dead when she was taken, but the last thing Trubel saw was her body being loaded into a van. She tells Nick the plan was to break her, and turn her into a warrior for their side. Seems to have worked.

After that, she was sent on some assignments, and had heard rumors of a hexenbiest taking out wesen. Nick lets Trubel and a very worried Adalind know that Juliette killed about 20 wesen herself, something even her old self never attempted.


But Trubel is also upset to find out about this and leaves to confront Meisner. He really doesn’t do much in the way of explaining, but tries to talk her out of fighting him while she’s still recovering. It doesn’t work. She asks Meisner what he did to Juliette, and he tells her “what I had to”.

She does come back to Nick’s place to tell him he can meet her, and it will be set up later. So at least something came out of it. Then something really horrible happens. Nick reassures Adalind that Juliette being back doesn’t change how he feels about Kelly, or her. What the hell?! How he feels about Adalind should be nothing more than “neutral and I won’t kill you since we have a child together even though that’s only because you magically raped me.” But sadly, the writers think they should have feeling for each other, and then this happens.

No, no, no, no, no. Not cool. I am totally not on board with that and think it’s a terrible idea. The circle with line was something I added to express how I feel about this whole thing.


Back at the spice shop, Rosalee gets Xavier there just in time for Monroe to come in and punch him (probably not as hard as Rosalee though). When he hesitates to say what he knows, it’s Renard’s turn to rough him up.

Xavier tells them the uprising wesen knew Monroe was friends with a grimm, and the trap was really for both of them. They also are giving all wesen 2 choices: join them or die. Unfortunately, he’s so scared of being killed, he can’t help but woge. Renard has seen and done a lot of things, but even he has to turn away.

And apparently it’s a full on woge, because Hank has the displeasure of seeing it too.

Once Xavier is back to normal, Renard and Hank decide he’ll be put in a cell untl they can get him into protective custody. Back at the station, Wu gets a last known address for Billie and they go searching but don’t find much, except a picture of her with her parents.

Billie herself is back at the warehouse, where she tells Lucien that a hexenbiest killed them all and acknowledges her failure.

He reassures her that they only lost one battle and their army is growing. They’ll put their dead to rest, and then find the hexenbiest that did this. Which would certainly make it easier for that hexenbiest to kill them, so let’s hope that happens.

Back at the spice shop, Rosalee decides to call the Wesen Council to let them know what’s going on.

According to Grimm Wiki, the number she dials is for the Hague. She gets a call back from Alexander who lets her know the council is well aware of this wesen group, and that they’re called Black Claw. He then heads to a meeting of the council, where they’re about to vote on action to be taken against Black Claw.

The vote to strike against the Black Claw is nearly unanimous. Sadly, the one dissenting vote is from a secret Black Claw member, who brought a negotiating tool.

RIP Wesen Council. It looks like it’s going to be up to Meisner’s group now.

Alexander manages to escape and calls Rosalee to let her know the Council is dead, and he’s going on the run. He manages to get out a window just before some Black Claw members show up, but has to leave behind the stuff he was packing.

While this is going on, the Black Claw Portland chapter are burning the remains of Juliette’s victims, and decide they’re going to go after Xavier, who they know is in jail.

Following up on their search of Billie’s home, Nick and Hank visit her parents who seem like a very well off couple. They seem surprised to hear Billie has gotten into trouble, but when Nick shows them the Black Claw symbol (which has been red every time, but maybe one of them watched Batman: TAS and didn’t want to go with Red Claw out of respect), they show their true faces.

Nick lets them see his grimm eyes and they tell him they have nothing more to say and that they’re proud of their daughter and what she’s doing. So much for that lead.


Nick and Hank are updating Renard on this when Wu comes in to tell them there’s something going on at the jail.

It turns out one of the Black Claw got himself arrested and placed in the cell right next to Xavier’s, and when he pretends he’s about to hang himself, Xavier calls for help and then puts himself within reach to be killed off.

The Black Claw member does a full woge, which freaks out the jail guard who then shoots him. With his dying breath, he takes some blood from where he was shot and marks the wall.

Back at Renard’s office, Hank suggests they may have a mole in the Portland PD and they’ll need to be careful. Then Nick gets a call from Rosalee to meet her and Monroe at the spice shop, to talk about the Black Claw but not on the phone. She tells Nick that the Wesen Council is dead, and that Xavier must know more. Which is when he has to tell her that Xavier’s been killed, and that the guy who did it purposefully woge’d in public, which Rosalee says is crossing a line. One that the Wesen Council isn’t around to enforce anymore.


Nick gets a text that he can meet Juliette. So off he goes, to meet her in a restaurant, but she might be multi-tasking, as seen in this clip.

If you’re unable to watch, Nick meets Juliette, who tells him she’s not Juliette anymore, her name is Eve now, because she’s starting over. She does remember everything that happened before, but doesn’t seem too emotionally attached to it. There’s flashbacks of her being turned to be a force for good (or less evil anyway). Then she gets up, hexes out and kills someone by making their brain bleed out. Here are some gifs of most of it.

After the target is dead, his body guards woge and start going crazy but Nick throws a knife into one, and tosses the other out a window and he ends up with a piece of glass in his throat. A couple squad cars show up and Nick shows his badge, tells them he was meeting a CI when this all went down but he’s secured the area. Then he gets a call from Meisner telling him the guy Eve killed was a high level Black Claw leader, and he wanted Nick there to prevent any collateral damage. Job well done.


Eve returns to Meisner and is told to get some rest, there’s more to be done. As she walks back to her room, she takes off the wig.


Eve is great, love her. Hope she gets to kill a lot more Black Claw members, particularly the Portland chapter.

I’d like to see Renard woge more to scare people, always a good time.

Adalind and Nick being a couple is just wrong. There’s no basis for it. They should at most be not trying to kill each other because there’s a child depending on them, but that’s it. Him having any feelings for her came out of nowhere. I hope she becomes a hexenbiest again and they go back to being enemies or at least antagonistic to each other.

Looking forward to Nick’s team working with Meisner’s more.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of fuckyeahnickburkhardt on tumblr. Character and wesen names and trivia courtesy of Grimm Wiki).


Update: the site were I got the gifs from, is also against coupling Nick and Adalind and some good write-ups on why, if you want to check it out on their site.