So I woke up to find these on my Facebook feed, which I then traced back to this Imgur post made popular via Reddit, so I’m not sure how authentic it is, because I haven’t seen the footage in question which is from D23. However, the pics themselves seem to fit what we know of the movie so far. Possible spoilers to follow.

Black Panther on the scene. Looks the same as the costume we have seen before.

Looks like part of Cap’s team is on the move-along with who appears to be Scarlet Witch who wasn’t on a side when the teams were revealed earlier this week. It could be Sharon Carter, I suppose, but I still say it looks more like Wanda, who we see again later.

Looks like a new Avengers Headquarters. It doesn’t look like the one we saw after Age of Ultron or during Ant-Man.

The Imgur account also gives us some GIFs. Including ones of Black Widow and Hawkeye, and Crossbones and Cap duking it out.