Last night, on Grimm’s 100th episode, a lot of storylines moved forward big time, all converging in Portland. We start where last week’s episode left off, with Nick and Monroe having fallen into a cavern that may be just the place they were looking for, Renard holding his friend Andrew Dixon who was just shot while HW closes in on the assassin, and Adalind is hanging out with Rosalee who has been getting contacted by someone from her past she’d like to forget. Spoilers after the break.

After landing in the cavern after the ground caved in, Nick and Monroe do some exploring, and after figuring out how the 7 Grimms from back then would have thought, figure out to turn off all lights and it allows them to see 7 glowing skulls, forming a G (for Grimm), which with the lights back on are facing inward. After removing them they find a shield with a cross (or X), and behind that is a mysterious box.

They decide to try the keys, and they fit, but they only have 5 out of 7, and Monroe didn’t bring his lock pick stuff, so they decide to take it back to Portland, presumably in their checked luggage.

After finding their way out, they realize that priest from the church they visited has formed a hunting party because Nick was made as a Grimm.

They evade most of them, because the priest finds the cave in spot and calls everyone over, but that ungeziefer greifer (mouse guy in the church) spots Monroe and Nick, then woges and bites Monroe who for some reason didn’t woge and scare the crap out of him with his blutbad self. He ends up with a pretty bad bite but they need to get out of there.

There’s a few of them guarding the cars, so Nick comes up with a good idea: have Monroe woge and pretend to be part of the group. Even though not all blutbad look alike, it’s dark and none of them would expect a Grimm to be with a blutbad in the Black Forrest. It works, and they pop a tire on each car and get out of there and head straight for the airport. Monroe’s bite will have to get checked later.

They call Rosalee to let her know they’re heading straight back, and she’s in the shop with Adalind. They’ve both had some things happen that don’t get mentioned on the phone. While Nick and Monroe are gone, Adalind has been helping out Rosalee in the spice shop, where they both find out about the assassination attempt on Andrew Dixon, and then Tony the guy who’s been sending letters and calling Rosalee shows up.

He feels she owes him because he got himself arrested for a robbery while she was crashing with him but he really did it for drug money, and he’s there to ask for $5,000, which sounds like a lot to me but he seems to think she can make that easy in one day from her spice shop sales. Maybe he’s not aware of supply costs, overhead, taxes, having actual customers, etc. He doesn’t seem to bright because after she refuses, he starts knocking expensive spices of the shelves, and when she tries to stop him, he hits her and she’s on the ground.


That’s when Adalind comes back from checking on Kelly and when he immediately asks how much money she has, she threatens to call the cops. That’s when he woges, revealing himself as a kackenkopf, which according to Grimm Wiki is a dung beetle like creature and is literaly German for “poop head”, which is hilarious if true (Frank, can you confirm?).

When he woges, Adalind seems to have some stomach pain, and we know what that can mean...

As he’s about to open hand strike her, his hand stops and we see some minor woging in her face, then his fingers get broke one by one. Awesome!

Tony runs out, having been hurt pretty bad, and Adalind freaks out because she doesn’t want to return to being a hexenbiest even though it came in super handy just now. Rosalee promises not to tell Nick but says it could be worse if he finds out later and learns she could have told him. She tries to figure out a way to boost the suppressor but Adalind isn’t shocked when nothing turns up as dead hexenbiest is the main ingredient and not easy to obtain.

Later, back home after Nick and Monroe had called and she didn’t mention any of this, while she’s home Adalind accidentally makes some water boil.

Onto the the other happenings in Portland, the assassination attempt of Andrew Dixon, which turns out to be successful. He’s dead.


Marwan Hanano runs to the roof and spider-mans his way down the side of the building, but Eve is there waiting.

Meanwhile, the paramedics show up but they’re too late. RIP Andrew Dixon, you seemed like you would have been a good mayor.

Wu and Hank secure the building, find the dead biker Marwan killed to use his apartment, but he’s climbed down the side of the building. But Eve uses her power to get a cyclist to crash into him as he’s calling Lucien to tell him he did the job.

Eve tells the cyclist to call 911 while she checks on the guy. She uses her power to force grab his phone and turn it off and throw it in her bag. She then woges and breaths some knockout gas into Marwan to ensure he doesn’t wake up before they need him to.

Eve then takes the phone back to HW and they clone the SIM card, and then return it to the hospital where she allows Marwan to wake up, and call Lucien for a pickup. HW now has all of Marwan’s contacts and is able to track him by his phone. But Lucien sells him out, and after telling him he’ll be there in 20 minutes, calls Renard and tells him where to find the shooter.

Renard says they can’t show up full force so it’s just him, Hank and Wu. As they chase down Marwan, HW isn’t sure what’s going on and why he seems to be running.

Marwan is running from Hank and Wu when he’s cut off by Renard. He woges, Renard woges, they fight, Renard wins, and Marwan is dead, and Wu calls it in.

Hank points out that if they didn’t get the tip, he wouldn’t have recognized Marwan with the blonde hair, it was only after he started to run. Someone set this whole thing up. Back in his office, Renard is reviewing footage of the shooting and spots something suspicious.

And realizes he can’t seem to hook up with anyone without them turning out to be evil or just general trouble.

As he leaves the precinct, Meisner confronts Renard about everything and Renard correctly points out that what happened was HW’s fault for giving them info about Marwan but not the whole story or mentioning they needed him alive.

When he gets home, Renard is visited by Rachel, who he decides to interrogate with his biest-face.

She then woges and reveals herself as a lowen (lion-like wesen), which she’d done a pretty good job of hiding, even on a Renard-level.

She then tells him that Dixon was meant to die, and she calls over an associate to let Renard in on the real plan. It turns out to be Lucien, and Renard identifies him as part of Black Claw, and that’s when Rachel shows him what they had in mind.

Renard came off looking like a real hero holding Dixon as he died, and with the only other candidate disgraced with his failed drug buy, there’s no one running. Lucien tells him that as a zuaberbiest, he’s one of them, and they can make him the most powerful person in Portland. I guess they don’t realize he’s also a royal or working with a Grimm? Renard doesn’t answer, but hopefully he’s leaning towards infiltration and taking them out from the inside.

Back to the keys, Nick and Monroe arrive with the box and get everyone (who isn’t watching Kelly) over to the shop. They use some lock picks for the missing keys and then open the box. Here’s the clip of how they open it and what they find and what it does. And some stills below that. They’re getting pretty good at figuring things out.

For those who can’t view, after they unlock the box, it’s sealed, and Monroe figures out that Nick’s Grimm blood could break that. So Nick cuts his finger and runs it along the box (looks like he should join Monroe at the hospital for a possible infection now). The box opens and there’s a cloth wrapped around a stick, and they ponder what it could be when Monroe starts to pass out from that bite, since everyone seems to be trying to postpone him getting it checked. As he’s helping move him, Nick touches the stick to his arm and he’s healed. Boom! Magic healing stick.


That’s a very useful stick and definitely worth hiding. Can’t wait to see how they use it.


So glad Adalind is becoming a hexenbiest again, she was one when she had Diana so I don’t know why she’s worried about how it would affect her being a mom. Team Grimm needs a hexenbiest and Eve is technically part of team HW. Still don’t like her and Nick as a couple but maybe this will put an end to that, while keeping her on the show because I like her just not what they’re doing with her until now.

Speaking of Eve, really awesome stuff from her this episode. Love it!

Wow, there really was a lot done to keep Monroe from going to the hospital to get that bite checked.


I think Renard will make the right choice but maybe pretend to go along to make up for HW losing a big lead. I don’t think Black Claw is aware of him and Meisner working together with the resistance or that he has Diana kept safe.

Also explains why Renard’s picture was given to Marwan, at least sort of. They wanted Dixon shot near him so he’d be the one holding him and looking all heroic and like a leader.

I hope Tony comes back so he can meet Rosalee’s blutbad husband, the zauberbiest police captain and the Grimm detective. And maybe even Eve.

What did you all think?

(Wesen names and gif from Grimm Wiki).