This week’s episode of Grimm picks up right where the previous one led off, with the Portland PD SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) about to move in on Nick who is hiding in Bud’s refrigerator repair shop, on orders from Renard. Spoilers after the break.

As seen in this clip, they’re moving in and there’s no way for Nick to get out before the burst in. Wanting everyone to know what else is at stake, Monroe spills the news about Rosalee’s pregnancy.

Just as they’re about to move in, Hank and Wu speed in and announce that Captain Renard is under arrest on suspicion of murder, and that he’s relieved of command. Which leaves the SERT team there, but with no one in charge.

Renard is none too happy about this very public display, and also wants Hank and Wu to understand this won’t save Nick. They make sure he understands their position on that.

At the repair shop, the SERT team is eventually ordered to go in, where they find Nick and he announces himself and surrenders. Then they pat him down and find the stick, and apparently it’s not a good idea to take it from him.

With everyone knocked out, Nick disguises himself in one of their uniforms and tells everyone outside that Burkhart has escaped which allows him to escape for real using one of their vans.

Back at the precinct, Renard is brought in and taken into an interrogation room. He tries to scare Hank and Wu, but they’re used to his woge-face now and are unimpressed. Even though Rachel was killed a night or 2 before, Renard needs an alibi for the night she was found, which is the same night he was with Bonaparte, going after Nick. So he has one, but it’s not usable, and needs to call in his lawyer.

His lawyer is Adalind, who agrees to meet him at the station, but first she needs someone to watch the kids, and Rosalee and Monroe are the only ones she trusts other than Nick. Not sure if Diana remembers meeting them when she was a baby, but she seems friendly enough with them.

Adalind does a great job of summing up Renard’s predicament, and makes it clear she’s not going to risk perjury, and if she has to choose between her kids and Renard, who she doesn’t even really like, it’s an easy choice.

But Renard has a lot of wesen connections in Portland, including the janitor working near his cell, who is able to sneak him a phone, that he uses to call his judge friend, who last episode helped him rush out search warrants to find Nick.

While Renard’s been pulled away, Nick has re-entered the tunnels using the power plant entrance that Monroe and Rosalee discovered. Eve asks if she can have the cloth the stick was wrapped in so she can try to learn more about it. Nick seems hesitant to hand it over, and Eve and Trubel start to worry having the stick on him might be giving him some side effects. He insists on keeping it on himself since it saved his life.

He does give up the cloth, and Eve eventually convinces him to put it back in the box.

But after they’ve left, he ends up taking it back out, and seems unable to hear Bud trying to convince him to put it back, while his vision blurs.

He manages to regain some self control and put it back again, finally understanding there may be more to the stick than just keeping him alive.


At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee get a first hand look at what Diana can do, and as far as she’s concerned they’re just having fun.

Adalind is going to need them to babysit a little longer, because Nick calls her to ask for help. He wants to make a pact with Renard, to provide an alibi for him, in exchange for ending the hunt for Nick and reinstating him. They all meet at his apartment, so that Adalind can use a Trust Me Knot, which will cause whoever breaks the agreement first to die as if hung by a noose. A good precaution since Renard isn’t known for keeping his word. Nick agrees that Adalind will provide Renard an alibi when asked to testify before the grand jury, and Renard agrees that after that he will end the hunt for Nick and reinstate him.

Renard goes back to await his grand jury trial, and the rest of the gang meet up at the spice shop. Diana now gets to meet Trubel and Eve, who she says is different now.


Trubel has also been called away by HW and can only stay a few more hours. She hopes Nick will go with her, but he has to stay and deal with Renard.

Diana is also able to see not only the same symbols on the cloth but other symbols as well. And she and Nick are reintroduced. Looks like he’s ok with her since he’s Kelly’s dad and she likes her half-brother.

After that, they all get the news that Renard’s grand jury trial is fast tracked, so Hank, Wu and Adalind head over, to complete their end of the pact. And just when it looks like things will be somewhat back to normal for Nick, it turns out the judge overseeing Renard’s case is his wesen friend, who dismisses the case.

Since Adalind wasn’t called on to testify, the pact is invalidated and no one will die for not doing their part, leaving Renard free to go without reinstating Nick. He also tells Hank and Wu he’ll expect their resignations. I’m sure they could get their union rep to help since they were only acting on the evidence available, and it’s not like there were any other suspects, but they seem to think they’ll be out of a job soon.

Renard walks out and makes a call to someone to keep looking for Nick. Looks like it’s going to be a rough season for him, having to go up against the mayor.


I have to admit, the trust me knot pact was a good fake out, I really thought Nick would be back on the force after this episode.

I hope Hank and Wu get to keep their jobs but it’s possible their union reps are also wesen and won’t help. Wu is no longer phased by Renard’s woge face, but I bet he’d be spooked by the Wu-wolf.

I’m really hoping before the season ends they’ll give us a look into the future with a grown up Diana and Kelly.

Based on what we’re seeing so far, it’s good for Nick that he worked with Renard at the end of season one, he still is very much outmatched by all his connections.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of dailygrimm.tumblr)