On the latest episode of Grimm, we get the tale of the frog princess with a twist (or maybe that's the original version?) but more importantly, there's a new royal in town and he makes an impressive introduction to Captain Renard. Spoilers after the break.

Before the case gets started, Nick finally tells Hank what's been bothering him, the fact that Juliette is now a hexenbiest because of what they did to restore his Grimm powers. And here is Hank's reaction, as he asks Nick to run that past him again.

One of Hank's first questions is if Nick has told Monroe and Rosalee, and he says he hasn't but doesn't know if Juliette has. Sadly, we know she hasn't because that should be a pretty good moment and we haven't seen it yet. With that out of the way, they get called in on a case.

The other day, a group of cyclists were doing their cycling thing, when one of the men starts hitting on one of the women, because what else is riding on beautiful nature trails for if not hooking up with people who share an interest. Oh right, the cycling.

Another men in the group tells him to back off, but mostly because he also has a crush on this woman. He follows after her just to make sure she's ok, and it turns out she's not, she had flipped over on a rock (or something) and is bleeding. She warns him not to touch her but of course he doesn't listen and now he's dead.

After the toxicology report comes back, Wu lets Nick and Hank know that what poisoned him comes from rare breeds of frogs or birds, and they figure out it's gotta be a wesen. After checking the victim's apartment and finding out he clearly had a crush had a stalker-level obsession (thanks for the correction Luvkills) with someone and that she was part of the same cycling group, they track down Bella Turner, but Nick isn't able to get a woge out of her.


A visit to Monroe and Rosalee helps them to figure out why. She's a Folterseele, a rare type of wesen, because they woge when someone is aroused by them, and not from regular emotional outbursts like most wesen. Rosalee thinks she can come up with something to block the toxins but since it's never been tried before (with this particular species anyway), they don't know if it will even work or if there could side effects. But they better hurry, because now that there's no one to stop him, jerk cyclist shows up at the bike shop where Bella works and tries to physically assault her. So unlike her last victim, he deserves what happens.

And while Rosalee's potion may or may not have side effects, it can't be worse than the solution Bella's grandmother has. It seems she decided that her daughter would be safer if no one got aroused by her, so she burned half her face, just like her own. And she's about to do the same to her granddaughter but luckily Nick and Hank show up to stop her.

After they've stopped psycho grandma, Nick and Hank tell Bella there may be a way to help her, and she goes with them to the spice shop. Nick, having some recent experience with side effects, tells her to really think about it first, but she decides any side effect can't be worse than now. And even though there are, she's in Portland, and able to make a connection with someone.

And now the really exiting stuff. Prince Viktor has been sent back and replaced with Prince (?) Kenneth, a more hands on royal who gets results. After noticing that Adalind is pregnant, she tells him Viktor is the father and is soon called out on it because it turns out Viktor was sterile.


He also beats the crap out of Sean's double agent Sam, and has him set up a meeting with Sean before killing him. Sean Renard's day wasn't off to the greatest start either. Juliette bursts into his room to tell him the book she opened doesn't have anything that can help either of them. She also apparently is less pleased than it appeared about her new powers and wants to go back to normal. Hopefully this is just an emotional outburst and she'll go back to realizing how much better she is now. And sorry to anyone who was disappointed but it looks like Sean sleeps with a shirt on, at least when he has guests staying over.

After being woken up by an angry hexenbiest warning him that if she can't go back to "normal" he'd better watch out, he eventually ends up finding his double agent dead, and his newly visiting family to be a lot more trouble than Eric or Viktor, at least when it comes to fist fights.

(For those of you unable to watch because of region restrictions, as soon as some gifs are up, I'll add them).

Update 4/12/15: Gifs for anyone unable to watch the video.

How awesome is that first punch after Sean woges!? No need to answer, it was rhetorical. The answer is very awesome! Too bad for Sean those bullet wounds pick the worst possible time to show up again.

Can't wait for next week's episode.


Wow, Kenneth really shook things up among the royal family there, but taking a hit like he did from biest-mode Sean and just getting back up? There must be something more than human about him too.


Speaking of Juliette, her laughing at Nick and not wanting to work things out seems a bit off. Does she not care about him anymore? Hopefully that's just a result of her frustration in dealing with her new reality, even though it's really not that bad. If you have to already know these wesen exist, being one of the more powerful kind isn't the worst thing.

The show has also let us know they haven't forgot about Trubel, so hopefully that'll come back sometime soon. Her e-mail makes it seem like there's something up with Josh.

This is the Grimm quote from the beginning of the episode.

And the first thing that brought to my mind was the singing and dancing frog from the old Warner Bros. cartoon, so I thought Id share that here.

What did you all think of this episode?

(Gifs courtesy of Grimm Wiki, and wogedwesen.Tumblr).

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