On the latest Grimm, Nick and Hank get put on a case that makes the de-aging cream one not seem so bad anymore, and everyone has something to hide. Spoilers after the break.

The case of the week was pretty gross, so I won’t be spending a lot of time on it because I’m trying to forget it. It involves a wesen eventually identified as a barbatus ossifrage, a vulture-like wesen, that can sniff out someone dying, and then sucks out their bones, after crushing them. Traditionally, this was done by dropping them from a cliff, but in modern times, running them over with a van will do.

The first victim of the episode is a drunk driver who crashes and goes flying out the windshield. The second is a former informant of Hank’s. In both cases, they were already dying, so as Monroe points out, he’s not technically killing them, just speeding up the process and taking their bones. Which he then feeds to his aging parents who can’t seem to fend for themselves anymore. He does so in a way similar to how a mother bird would feed her chicks, and it’s not pleasant to see. Nick and Hank eventually find him, after setting up a sting, which involves Monroe being made to smell like someone dying, and he gets hit by a truck as he’s escaping. Nick and Monroe then bring his parents to the morgue to identify the body, which they do, and after asking for a moment alone with their son, they decide not to let his bones go to waste.


In another side story, Hank has a run in with his former physical therapist, zuri Ellis, who is also a yaguarate, and Hank was ok with dating a wesen, but she wasn’t. But it seems she’s had a change of heart, and insists on a date, which ends up being at her home with her cooking dinner. She asks quite a few questions about working with a Grimm, but otherwise it seems like she’s genuinely interesting in giving dating a human a try.

Now onto the good stuff. Adalind hasn’t been able to tell Nick she’s a hexenbiest again, but at least she’s already so busy with work she’s bringing it home. She also mentions it might be good for Nick to watch Kelly sometimes.

Later, she does manage to tell him that Renard had contacted her, and it had to do with Diana, and Nick lets her know he’s working with Black Claw, but he doesn’t know they know. But stops herself from telling him that suppressant wore off.

Rosalee gets another visit from Eve at the spice shop. Eve tells her she was able to sense Rosalee and Monroe hiding by the tunnel. She also gets up to date with Rosalee on who knows what. Which is that Rosalee knew Adalind was a hexenbiest again because she was there when it happened. Nick also knows now because Rosalee eventually told him, but Adalind doesn’t know Nick knows.

Later, Adalind gets a call from Renard, to meet her alone, no Kelly or anyone else. So she asks Rosalee to babysit, which she’s all to happy to do, and heads off to meet Sean. But first she tells Rosalee she hasn’t told Nick yet, about being a hexenbiest again. She’s tried but always freezes up.

Meanwhile, Eve gets an alert about Section 21, with 2 dead and a missing asset X3.

There’s some file with a lot of redacted info, and it turns out the asset is Diana.

One of the more realistic “and magnify” moments.

Maybe her age is part of the redacted info so we can’t see how freakishly fast she’s growing. If Eve is smart, and she seems to be, she’ll figure out that Diana is in Portland because that’s where both her parents are, and maybe Renard is only using Black Claw to get his child back.


Speaking of which, it’s time for his meet with Adalind, as seen in the clip below. Sadly, there’s also a cut to the vulture parents at the morgue scene.

Adalind meets Renard, and is ambushed and drugged before she can use her powers. She then wakes up and before she can attack Renard, he shows her that he’s found Diana, and mother and daughter are reunited. She still shoots what seems like an angry look at Renard though, so I hope Diana isn’t expecting her parents to stay together.

Wu Werewolf Watch - 3rd entry is a big one. First, Wu wakes up and while brushing his teeth starts coughing, at which point he pulls out what seems to be a hairball, possibly part of something he ate the night before...

There’s a close up but no one needs to see that

Then, while signing some forms, Wu’s hand starts to hurt and then turns into a freakin’ claw!

As this happens, he has a memory flash of running through some woods at night, then falls to the floor, and Nick and Hank rush over to check on him. But not knowing he was scratched by the lycanthrope, they think it’s just low blood sugar, and when they ask Wu if he’s had anything to eat, all he can remember is that hairball.

Then, while setting up the sting with Monroe smelling like a guy about to die, Wu has a confrontation with a dog, and ends up woging! Then he chases after the dog and eventually hits his head and is almost victim #3.

Nick actually says the line “he got boned” of victim number 2, which is funny and all but technically he’s been deboned.

Diana could be powerful enough to challenge Eve, which we might get to find out next week.

The intro quote, made me think of the Iron Maiden song The Evil That Men Do, so here it is.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and character names courtesy of the Grimm Wiki)